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Review: Toyota Camry 2.0G

The Camry has been sweeping the world by surprised at just how much the car has improved. Jerrica Leong tested it out to find out for herself just how much.

The Camry has been sweeping the world by surprised at just how much the car has improved. Jerrica Leong tested it out to find out for herself just how much.

As facelifts went, the Camry seems nothing like one. Toyota introduced the brand new Camry to us a month or so ago. But this had me scratching my head, facelift? It feels more like an entirely brand new generation instead of just a facelift. Not only is the car distinctively different from the outgoing model, it also comes with a brand new engine and hybrid. But if you’re not much into the hybrids yet and would pick out the 2.0G Camry instead well, don’t worry, the 2.0G is still equally brilliant.

Exterior (Score: 5/5)

Alright, the most distinct difference between the previous and the new Camry is the lack of the large front grille in favour of a more stylish “Vios-like” upper grille and a larger more aggressive looking lower grille. The 2.0G comes standard with dual exhaust tailpipes. It’s got a more sporty look all round but the Camry you see here is equipped with the optional aerokit to make it even sportier.

All in all, the new Camry cuts a younger and fresher line compared to the out-going one which most people of my generation associate with vintage objects. 

Interior (Score: 4/5)

While it’s not driver focused like a few interiors I know of, but for a large car like the Camry everything is neatly laid out and within easy reach of the driver. The seats aren’t Zero-gravity seats but they nicely bucket you in to give you the impression of a sports car when you’re enjoying a speedy long drive. Cabin noise is low but the engine’s whirl trickles in whenever I revved it a little harder. Hit a little over 140kph and only then the Camry would feel less comfortable. It’s the perfect interior for the city and it reminds you to keep the car at safer speeds.

So I like the interior but the reason why the Camry did not score all five stars here is the wood grain pattern. It feels like Toyota felt the exterior was too “young” so they decided to add crotch wood patterns on the dashboard and centre console. “Vintage” comes to mind again.

Power and Handling (Score: 5/5)

Unlike the experience the car’s competitors gave me which strangely disappear into the recesses of my mind and required a lot of recalling to remember, they’re murkier then I want to admit, I still remember how enjoyable the Camry drives. Floor that throttle and the car would shoot forward with a little more gusto then expected for a D-segment “barge” while Toyota has adjusted the handling just right making the car very nimble. So let’s just say that the Camry may be a large D-segment car but the car has the torque and nimbleness of a hot-hatch!

Tech and Safety (Score: 4/5)

The Camry 2.0G that we have comes complete with the DVD-AVN (Audio-Video Navigation) system. The seven-inch capacitive touchscreen displays an Android system with icons that look straight out of the Line Deco app but don’t worry, the system is still as simple to use as the system in the latest Sonata. If only the system plays Spotify…

For a large car like the Camry 2.0G there is only two airbags available at the front and the usual list of VSC with traction control, hill start assist control, emergency stop signal and ABS with EBD. But compared to what the Camry Hybrid has to offer, the absence of blind spot monitor and curtain airbags in the 2.0G sounds a little lacking. But in the 2.0G’s defence, it isn’t surprising that there is a large margin in safety here and the top gun Hybrid.


While I did not have the chance to drive the previous Camry, I did had the company of a few other well-made D-segment cars and the new Camry definitely shone too bright that most of those cars were thrown into the shadow. The 2.0G is only just the lower variant out of the three ranges Toyota has to offer. If this version is enjoyable enough then what would the top-of-the-range Camry Hybrid feel like? Stay tuned to carmalaysia.my or pick up the next issue of our print magazine to read about it.

Overall Score: 18/20

Toyota Camry 2.0G
On Sale
RM159,900.00 on-the-road including GST and Insurance
1998cc, In-line 4, 16 valve DOHC with VVT-iW (intake side), VVT-i (exhaust side), 165bhp @ 6500rpm, 199Nm @ 2300rpm
Six-speed Automatic with Super ECT and Sequential Shifter
Length/ width/ height/ wheelbase (mm)
4850/ 1825/ 1470/ 2775mm

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