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Review: Suzuki Swift GLX tested

There is an ever growing list of B-Segment hatches and probably the least understated of them all is the Suzuki Swift. As promised, here is the Swift GLX’s 15 minutes of fame. By Jerrica Leong

There is an ever growing list of B-Segment hatches and probably the least understated of them all is the Suzuki Swift. As promised, here is the Swift GLX’s 15 minutes of fame. By Jerrica Leong
When it comes to B-Segment hatchbacks the Suzuki Swift would never come foremost of a buyer’s mind. Only true car enthusiasts would look at the Swift and recommend it to those looking to buy a B-segment hatchback, and even then their recommendation would be met with scepticism and disbelief. There is a reason these car enthusiasts have so much respect for the Swift and I’m about the have my perceptions changed.
Exterior (Score: 4/5)
It’s not exactly the sharpest looking car out there especially since Mazda and Honda have recently introduced a whole new generation with the latest design trend and that is not counting its continental competitors. So the Swift blends into the background instead of shouting its presence on the road, so its pleasing to look at and an understated car.

Interior (Score: 3/5)
First impressions are plain and simple, but it takes a little while to have one noticing the unique touches that Suzuki has given to the Swift. What’s important is how comfortable the overall feel of the Swift’s interior, while it doesn’t cocoons you in luxury it gives you a nice cosy feel like a home on wheels.

Too bad for the space though, the Axia that we recently tested had more space than the Swift. Thankfully I’m short, so the adjustment of my driver’s seat would give the rear passengers just a little more space to kick around but imagine a tall person as a permanent driver, that would effectively transform the Swift into a two seater hatchback!

Power and Handling (Score: 5/5)

This is where the Swift shines, all that appreciation from the best of the car enthusiasts becomes clear. Power comes from a 1.4-litre DOHC, VVT engine, while torque and power output numbers are low, the Swift is capable of giving you a brilliantly steady drive. Chuck it through a sharp corner at a higher speed than usual and even then the Swift is un-phased. It’s a car for those who appreciate the best of the drive rather than the comforts and luxury of one. 

Surprisingly for this tiny hatchback, although there is not much power to play with, the handling is capable of both a sporty drive with a lot of feedback. It’s not too light that a long weekend drive would make it too light, but yet it’s not too heavy that it’s a nightmare manoeuvring around the city or a tight parking lot. I would peg this car as a driver’s car even though it is down on power.

Tech and Safety (Score: 2/5)

Seriously, after enjoying the modern luxuries the Honda Jazz and Mazda2 has to offer, the Swift just falls short in every expect in this category. And mind you, this is the higher spec-ed GLX variant I brought home during the weekend. There are only two SRS front airbags installed in the car while the GL variant only has one airbag for the driver. 

While the GLX variant has a keyless entry and a Push Start button the keyless entry could be improved. The Audio and Automatic Climate Control System is just a little dated. But the missing feature that rattled my senses the most was the lack of an auto up window. Then again, I could be asking too much, this is a car that is priced to rival a Myvi.


Living with the Suzuki Swift GLX has definitely helped shine the Swift in a new light for me, who knew that the understated little Swift drives brilliantly other than those who truly appreciates a car. While it might be over shadowed by its modern competitor, the driving experience the Swift gives you is all the reason for you to buy the car. Don’t think of the Swift as an alternative to the local hatch, it holds a class of its own.

Overall Score: 14/20

Suzuki Swift GLX 
RM73,688.00 without insurance
1372cc, 16 valves, Petrol 1.4-litre, DOHC, VVT, 94bhp @ 6000rpm, 130Nm @ 4000rpm
Conventional Automatic
Length/ height/ width
3850mm/ 1510mm/ 1695mm

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