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Review: Perodua Axia Advance

If there ever was an All-Malaysian Car than the Perodua Axia would fit the bill. By Jerrica Leong

If there ever was an All-Malaysian Car than the Perodua Axia would fit the bill. By Jerrica Leong

The launch was a little over-shadowed but there is no denying the Axia is designed by Malaysians with Malaysians in mind. Perodua is proud to say that the Axia is the first EEV car created in Malaysia and it is, true to their word, a very fuel efficient car. The Axia has big shoes to fill especially coming from the company that created the country’s bestselling car so can the Axia make the cut?

Exterior (Score: 4/5)

The feature that grabs the attention when you first look at the Axia is the yawning grille on the front, this grille is unique to the Advanced and SE versions so it is easy to tell them apart from the Standard E and G variants. Add the sporty front bumper and grille with fog lamps with an equally sporty bumper in the back and a rear spoiler that also houses the third brake light and you get the sportier version of the Axia.

Design wise, the Axia has drawn many a praise about it though many opted for the less sporty Standard E and G variants. It has a look that could rival the facelifted Myvi for best looking Malaysian made car.

Interior (Score: 4/5)

This is where it is very apparent that this car was created with Malaysians in mind. There is a built-in tissue compartment since the tissue box is an object that could be found is most Malaysian cars, along with a couple of shopping hooks that means you get plenty of hooks for our teh-tariks to hang while we drive!

The Axia is very spacious when it comes to seating. The seating are flexible allowing you to arrange it in any way you like, it can fit four adults comfortably while the fifth would only make the rear passengers feel a little cramp.

For safety reasons, Malaysians tend to store away their Smart TAGs so Perodua seem to have designed the coin-box to be a multi-purpose compartment that perfectly fits the Smart TAG. You get 260-litres of boot space even though the boot would draw scepticism at first sight

Power and Handing (Score: 3/5)

It doesn’t have much pick-up but the Axia sure does have a brilliant and smooth gearshift. The EEV engine is capable of going fast and only the strenuous sound it makes that prevented me from asking for more. I put the Axia through a few overtaking manoeuvre tests and it did not disappoint.

For a car equipped with Electric Power Steering (EPS) it is heavier than I expected. It had required quite a large amount of brunt to steer the car at standstill. I could still feel the weight when I was cruising around the neighbourhood, it loosens up only when I negotiated the highways. Then again, the Axia is an EEV, it could be that less power is sent to the steering when it is moving at low speeds causing the steering to be heavier than expected.

Tech and Safety (Score: 4/5)

There are reverse and front corner sensors installed on the Axia and it has the all-important Electric Power Steering (EPS) but the tech taking centre stage for the Advance variant is Multimedia System with Navigation. The navigation actually works better than many navis on other foreign built cars! The most helpful feature on the Multimedia System is the option to find a Perodua centre near you wherever you are.

The Axia also has quite a few safety features. The hook installed on the side of the front passenger seat is an anti-snatch hook that would secure a lady’s handbag. There are Dual SRS airbags installed for the front passengers of the car and ABS with EBD and Brake Assist can be found only on the SE and Advance variants.


The Axia deserve the title of being the All-Malaysian car, not only is the interior designed to fit items found in a typical Malaysian car it also has a design that would turn any Malaysian’s head. It is the perfect starter car and a practical everyday city car if you don’t mind the heavier steering wheel.

Overall Score: 15/20

Perodua Axia Advance
On Sale
RM42,530 Advance
1KR-DE2, DOHC, 12V, Electronic Fuel Injection, 998cc, 54bhp @ 6000rpm, 90Nm @ 3600

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