December 19, 2014 @ 12:21 PM

Review: Honda City 1.5L V-spec

It’s back and it looks good, but does the Honda City still drives well? Asks Jerrica Leong

It’s back and it looks good, but does the Honda City still drives well? Asks Jerrica Leong

The car looks like any normal B-segment sedan, but don’t let its looks fool you. The new generation City is an illusion of small but head inside and you get a car that feels like a premium sedan rather than the B-segment vehicle it supposedly is. So the new Honda City is bigger and better but is the brakes and the drivetrain an improvement? It certainly looks like it from our point of view.

Exterior (Score: 4/5)

Gone is the muscly look of the previous generation to be replaced by the smooth elegant lines inspired by Honda’s H Design, the looks definitely appeal to both male and female now. The armour grilles are replaced with a smaller single grille that makes the City look like it has a permanent smile. You get flowing “sepet” headlights leading out of the grilles, the backlights are equally squinty to match the headlight’s design as well.

While the previous generation would have appealed to the younger, more adventurous crowd, the new generation City has looks that draws the eyes of both the young and old.

Interior (Score: 5/5)

Spacious, that’s the first word that comes to mind when we’re discussing about the City’s interior. No matter the front or the back, every passenger gets plenty of legroom to be comfortable for journeys long or short. There’s no compromise in boot space even with the huge cabin space.

The eight cup-holders double up as your mobile phone rest when you connect your device to the three power sockets or two USB ports. There are numerous hidden compartments to keep items away from prying eyes, perfect for the ladies.

Power and Handling (Score: 4/5)

With a maximum power of 118bhp at 6600rpms and 145Nm at 4600rpms you’ll get to 100kph some time at a little over 10.8seconds for the V-variant, this car can go fast. But I wouldn’t suggest driving this car fast, it is more suited for gentle city cruising then high speed enjoyment.

But I have no complains about how the car handles, although highway overtakes has a slightly sluggish feel thanks to the car’s overall weight. The City is a car that I wouldn’t mind getting stuck in a traffic jam in though.

Tech and Safety (Score: 5/5)

The top of the line V-Variant comes with a 7in Display Audio and eight speakers placed throughout the car, two USB ports, one HDMI socket and three accessory sockets. You get cruise control in this variant as well as keyless entry and push start button. Everything on the central console, including the air-cond controls, are integrated into the touch screen panel.

Answer a call with a push of a button on the steering wheel or control the Display Audio with the numerous buttons located under you left thumb. There’s even Voice Recognition Control but this is one system that I did not try out.

Safety wise, there is so much installed in the City that it would take a scroll to list them all down. So I shan’t bore you with the entire list but I will mention Vehicle Stability Assist and six airbags in the V-variant.


Ok so the City offers almost everything you can ask for in a B-Segment car, from the safety equipment to the advanced technology, add in the elegant and spacious cabin and smooth slick lines of the car, there is really nothing to complain about the car. It drives brilliantly and handles well. I dare say this is the perfect car for every age.

Overall Score: 19/20

Honda City 1.5L V-Spec

RM 90,800 (otr with insurance)
1497cc, 4-cyl, SOHC i-VTEC, 118bhp@6600rpm, 145Nm@4600
CVT, Torque convert
10.8sec 0-100kph, 190kph
On sale

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