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Review: Honda Accord 2.4 VTi-L

Jerrica Leong sampled Honda’s highest spec Accord. How does she like it?

Jerrica Leong sampled Honda’s highest spec Accord. How does she like it?

My first impression was the same as the City, it’s too big! But this is a D-segment car, more for the executive type. While the car is built for those lucky enough to be chauffeured around it is also one that would play a family role fittingly.

It’s not a car to be driven for the fun of it but the sound of the VTEC kicking in does give an extra kick to it.

Exterior (Score: 4/5)

Take a look at the Accord and you will immediately be hit by the sheer size of it. Stare down the sides of the car and you will find sporty shoulder lines running through the sides. To add a touch more of sportiness to the Accord, customers can choose to deck it out in Modulo body kit as you see it here on our test unit.

The looks might appeal to that of a younger man with a family, not so much to a young lady, perhaps not even a lady with a family, not this generation of the Accord. It looks a little too manly for a lady but it would make any man look stylish stepping out of the car.

Interior (Score: 4/5)

The size from the exterior translates into space in the interior. You will have to stretch just to pass something to the the person sitting in the back. Which means they will get plenty of room to stretch their legs. Leather cocoons you into the comfortable semi bucket seats, while the rear passengers get a cool built-in sun shade for extra shield against UV rays.

Everything in the car screams comfort and NVH levels are kept to a bare minimum, unless you rev the car you would only hear tyre roar from the outside. Rear passengers also gets an extra set of air-conditioning vents to keep them cool during hot weather.

Power and Handling (Score: 4/5)

It’s a gradual shift for the Honda Accord’s 2.4-litre engine. Rev the car and you feel the struggle it takes to get up to the speed you want but let the car cruise gradually up to speed and you will get a comfortable high speed ride.

The Earth Dreams technology i-VTEC is said to help give better fuel efficiency and more torque. No arguments about the Accord’s fuel efficiency but do let the car get up to speed gradually instead of asking for instant speed, it sounds a little too strenuous in the interior.

Tech and Safety (Score: 4/5)

In the 2.4 VTi-L variant as tested, we have the Push Start and Smart Entry, which is Honda talk for keyless entry. When driving the Accord your aim is to make the meters glow green as long as possible, this means you’re driving eco-ly and the Eco Assist is helping you keep track with your driving style.

There’s a navigation screen set atop a touch screen panel that allows you to adjust the radio. The navigation panel doubles up to give you information on the car’s system as well. While the touch screen panel is easy to find your way around, the navigation screen is a different story, you are required to manoeuvre the system through a dial and buttons located beneath the radio panel, thank god for the “save” address function in the car!

Turn on the left signal and the navigation panel will show you a footage of the car’s left side, a very convenient tool for a car this size. You can choose to switch the camera on full time to keep a constant watch of the left side of the car.


It’s brilliant to drive and provides you with all the comfort you can ask for in a D-segment car. The Honda Accord has the power but it’s a gradual and smooth shift up to speed to give you the most comfortable ride. It’s equipped with tons of tech and safety to make your money’s worth. The Honda Accord is perfect for the young executive or the family man.

Overall score: 16/20

Honda Accord 2.4 VTi-L
On Sale

RM174,817.10 OTR with insurance
Earth Dreams Technology, 4 Cylinder, 16 Valve, DOHC i-VTEC, 173bhp @ 6200rpm, 225Nm @ 4000rpm
Electronically Controlled 5-Speed Automatic with Shift Hold Control

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