November 14, 2016 @ 06:11 PM

Road Trip: The service run with the Honda Civic 1.5TC Premium

Honda Malaysia wanted to prove that servicing their newest Civic is something special

There is no need for any other introduction but to mention the model and variant and you will know why we’re writing a full article about a car service: Honda Civic 1.5-litre Turbocharged Premium. The most special car in Honda’s current line-up, because it’s a normal everyday sedan (I know, it looks more like a four-door coupe) but has a turbocharger attached to its engine.

Like all current Honda models, the Civic also has a 10,000km or six-month service interval. The 1.5TC Premium variant is equipped with a Maintenance Minder function which will remind owners when it comes time to service their cars. The one thing different about the reminder function in the Civic is that the system also detects the driving condition that the car has been subjected to and will determine when the next service should be. 

But with an engine that is slightly different from the other model line-up, many had been sceptical about the care and maintenance and would rather opt for the standard naturally aspirated 1.8-litre Civics instead. What Honda Malaysia would like you all to know is that though the VTEC Turbocharged engine is different, servicing the car is exactly the same as any other car. There is no extra care that is needed when it comes to the turbocharger unlike a hybrid battery pack in say, the CRZ. 

To prove just that, Honda invited us to witness a Honda Civic 1.5 Turbocharged Premium undergoing its scheduled service. The service starts off like any other car service, the Civic is driven into the service bay then lifted up onto to reveal its underbelly for the usual round of TLC. But there is something different from the other services, and that is the extra care that was taken to service the car.

The service attendants may have carried out all the usual checks but they also have extra tools to give the car thorough checks all like using an electronic tool to the thickness of the brake pads and the replacement of the drain plug sealing washer. These are all minor details that usually service centres just skimp pass until complains start coming in from owners to change them.

Usually, an air gun is used to remove and install the wheels on the car. But in this instance, a torque wrench was used to reinstall the wheels back onto the car to avoid damaging the tyre. This is done after the service attendant checked the tyre tread depth with the proper inspection tool. Even the car battery’s health is checked with a battery analyser tool to make they get an accurate analysis, the check also comes complete with a piece of paper to show the results. 

Extra care is taken when it comes to cleaning the intake air filters. Since the Civic’s engine intake air filter is made of paper, blowing compressed air, even in the direction of the intake flow, will damage the filter. So to clean the filter out, the attendants remove the filter from the air box and knock the sides of the filter over a bin to dislodge any large or heavy particles. Don’t worry if you think this is not going to clean the filter out properly, Honda recommends to have the air filter replaced according to the service plan.

You may be thinking that it all sounds like a lot of work, but the service took less than an hour to complete so owners don’t have to spend more time than necessary waiting for their cars to get serviced. 

We can understand now, why Honda has a famed reputation for their After Service care!

Jerrica Leong

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