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Art of Speed Johor revs up the southern hemisphere!

Uniting all kinds of builds under one banner, here’s why Art of Speed is one of the must-go auto events in Malaysia

‘Speed’ is defined as the rapidity of movement or action and is usually associated to technical terms that involves meticulous calculations, physics and so forth. But what if we put ‘art’ into the equation, the place where the human mind could express their creative skill and taking imagination into a physical form?

These two words might be worlds apart, but somehow they are fusioned together in symphony at the Art of Speed. Now I dare say that Art of Speed is simply one of the best automotive-based events happening in the country as they celebrate differences and diversity in unity, all under one banner.

Although Art of Speed was initially created to celebrate the automotive ‘kustom kulture’, founder Asep Ahmad Sastrawidjaja more than welcomes anyone with a deep passion in the automotive world. Whether it is two wheels or four, Japanese or European, retro rides or modern, all of them are welcomed with open arms as Art of Speed is here to celebrate the same passion that everyone shares.

The recent Art of Speed held in conjunction with Iskarnival in Johor was actually one of the tours that they conduct across the country in building up the anticipation towards the main show, taking place on the 29th and 30th July 2017 at MAEPS Serdang. Even so, the southern leg for this tour was no ordinary pit stop as it turned out to be one of the most anticipated events in Johor, attracting both the crowd and participants from not only the neighbouring states but from across the Causeway as well.

Making this southern chapter a more memorable one was the surprise visit from HH Tunku Idris Iskandar Ismail Abdul Rahman Ibni Sultan Ibrahim, the Tunku Temenggong of Johor. Being an avid petrolhead himself, the prince arrived in style in his grey Bentley Continental Supersports before proceeding to admire the handiworks of the local builds at the booths.

The best part of Art of Speed is that it brings a lot of impressive builds out from their caves and into the spotlight where they deserve. And no build is ever the same from the other as every single one of them oozes creativity and individualism that separates them apart.

Take the guys from R Tuned Garage for example. Specialising in vehicle restoration and customisation, this half carbon S30 Fairlady Z or their clean Datsun pickup might look like the stuffs you will find at custom autoshows abroad. But they are actually based in Johor Bahru and had given a new lease of life to countless classics throughout the years of operation.

One of the main highlights of the event was the Show and Shine segment where the competition had attracted a great array of cars. Since they contested a number of categories ranging from classic cars all the way to post 1992 vehicles, a wide variety of builds turned up, hoping to go home with an award from Art of Speed.

In the sea of immaculately-restored VW Beetles, Mercedes-Benzes and Japanese hatches, there were some that had totally caught my attention, like this properly slammed BMW E30. I may not be the biggest fan in the stance or slammed scene, but this clean E30 with its low ride height but not ground-scraping enough to be impossible to drive just hits the right note. Or maybe it’s the colour?

While there were cleaner Beetles around, a closer look on this example reveals that this Beetle not only rolls with a set of Porsche 993 wheels, it also has the front discs clamped down by a pair of Porsche brake calipers as well!

It might not be as customised as the other cars parked in the same area, but I just could not look away from this clean Porsche 930 parked nearby its aircooled siblings. You can clearly see where the 911 got its ‘squashed Beetle’ nickname from here.

Die-hard fans of the DTM might recognise this car instantly as the owner had poured in his best efforts in turning his Mercedes-Benz 190E to replicate the iconic EVO 2 DTM race car of the 90’s.

I have a soft spot for MINIs back when the name represents its ridiculously small and cute looks. But do not be fooled by its petite appearance as these pocket rockets could float like a butterfly and sting like a bee.

From the outside, this Toyota Corolla KE70 might fly under the radar with its matte black exterior, but opening the hood reveals a whole different story as its owner had ditched the original engine for a heftier punch from a UZ V8!

Aside from the Show and Shine that provided a lot of eye candies, the crowd was also entertained by some thrilling two-wheeled stunts from Jack Fields. Those who braved the rain and shine were in for a show as the former world’s No.1 freestyle motocross rider served some of his iconic stunts that left the crowd wanting for more after each performance.

Left wanting for more? Then you better make sure to clear the 29th and 30th July next year as Art of Speed will once again occupy MAEPS Serdang with the best custom creations there is to find at this side of the planet.

For more images of Art of Speed Johor, click here.

Hussein Zain


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