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Legends and Legacies: Movie Icons edition - Pontiac GTO

In the era where American Muscle cars are establishing themselves, Pontiac releases the GTO as their representative.

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Much to the dismay of Pontiac's young and visionary management, General Motors’ management banned any of their divisions from getting themself involved in any form of racing. With all their marketing strategies heavily based on racing performance, this was a huge lost for the Pontiac foursome. So instead they’ve turned their attention to focus on street performance instead hence the creation of the Pontiac GTO.
The GTO was essentially a Pontiac Tempest underneath, and with the GTO’s violation to of GM policy limiting A-body intermediate line to a maximum engine displacement of 5.4-litres it was only because of its relation to the Tempest allowing the company to market it as an option package for the car.

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Available in a two-door coupe, a hardtop and convertible body styles, the GTO has a version that would please almost every corner of the car enthusiast world. The engine that works underneath is six-litre V8 that produces 325bhp at 4800rpm with dual exhaust, chromed valve covers and three-speed manual transmission from Hurst. A tachometer came as an option so did a four-speed manual or a Super Turbine 300 two speed automatic transmission along with a limited-slip differential.
The years went by with a number of changes added to the GTO in every year. The hoop-scoop was added in 1965 while the intermediate line was restyled in 1966 to gain a more curvaceous styling with kicked-up rear fender lines. Eight tail-lights were added to the GTO’s rear in 1967 while the car starts wearing rally wheels.

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The Tri-Powered carburetion system was replaced with a Rochester Quadrajet four-barrel carburettor. The engine on the other hand received larger cylinder bore to 6.5-litre V8 and for 1967 three models were available to be chosen from economy, standard and high output.
Come 1976, the car was also required to come with more safety equipment like a new energy-absorbing steering column that was accompanied by an energy absorbing steering wheel and more. A three-speed Turbo Hydramatic TH-400 that was equipped with a Hurst Performance dual-gate shifter replaces the two-speed automatic transmission.

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While the GTO, that stands for Grand Tempest Optional although there were rumours that claimed the name was inspired from the Ferrari 250 GTO, might have only have a life time of ten years. It was a popular option in the American Muscle car market. Its popularity died down after the end of its life but this 1967 version’s popularity sky rocketed again when the Pontiac GTO starred alongside Vin Diesel in the 2002 film xXx.
Catch the car in action, or more specifically catch the car nesting in the Movie Icon’s tent in XLR8! 
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