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Legends and Legacies: Lamborghini LM002

Name a Lamborghini classic car, bet this car would never come to your mind! By Jerrica Leong

(Photo source: zastavki.com)
Name a Lamborghini classic car, bet this car would never come to your mind! By Jerrica Leong

Name a Lamborghini classic car, Miura, Countach, Espada, Diablo would come to mind, but we’re not talking about those cars today, this is a different category altogether. It’s common knowledge that Lamborghini started their business with agriculture tractors, but not many knew of the LM002’s presence.

Yes, that is the LM, a far throw away from what we’re used to coming out of Lamborghini’s factory. It all started off when Lamborghini was approached to create an all-terrain buggy with Chrysler. So the Cheetah was born in 1977, it was a massive doorless all-terrain buggy with a mid-mounted Chrysler V-eight engine.

Unfortunately, the Cheetah suffered, because of the tail-bias weight the public were driven away into the arms of Hummvee or better known as the Hummer. With that failure on their records, Lamborghini decided to continue developing their off-roader. This resulted in the LM001, which is very similar to the Cheetah, only fitted out with an AMC V8 engine.
Lamborghini quickly realised that the rear-mounted engine just doesn’t work for handling, so they rebuild the entire chassis moving the engine to the front and this resulted in the LM002.

So now that the engine is in the front, what engine did they squash into the large bonnet? None other than a V12 engine that powers the Countach. Yes, this all-terrain buggy is powered by the same engine that can be found in the world famous Countach.

(Photo source: artandrevs.com)
It has a top speed of 201kph and a sprint record time from 0-96kph in 8.5seconds. This number put quite a few other sportscars to shame! But with all the awesome record time the LM002 has a downside, and a huge one at that. The LM002 seeps petrol like horse after a long race. You will need over ounce of petrol the 318-litre fuel tank gushes out.

The LM002 is a huge step away from the usual all-terrain buggies of that era, for the LM002 is decked out to be a limo than a buggy. The LM002 sits four comfortably and is equipped with air-conditioning and lots of other electric gadgets. So owners not only get a car with brilliant off-road ability but with limo inside as well.

The presence of the LM002 is an eye-opener indeed, writing about is surprisingly educating as well. This is the last type of car you would expect to come out of Lamborghini’s stable even if the knowledge of the brand’s tractor making beginnings lay in the back of the mind.

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