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Legends and Legacies: Corvette Stingray

At the height of the V8 engine trend and American Muscle car culture, Corvette released the Stingray C2.

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You have to admit that the Corvette Stingray has one of the most head turning shapes ever to have graced motoring history. Inspiration had kicked off when the company wanted to create something along the lines of the Q-Corvette and turn the racing Stingray into a passenger car. Chevrolet had seen the potential of fitting a V8 engine into the wide bonnet as well.
So armed with both inspiration and a V8 engine, Corvette introduced their first ever coupe with a futuristic look. Perhaps Arkus-Duntov had envisioned a “futuristic” look that even in 2015 won’t witness, for futuristic it does look even 52 years later the car carries the aliens-visits-earth-on-a-daily-basis look. The first Stingray has a divided rear window inspired by the Q-model, hidden quad-headlamps to throw off a sleek look, the doors were cut into the roof to make entering and exiting the car easier for the low-slung car.
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But there is more to the car than just the looks. While designers had worked on adapt and refining the basic look of the racing Stingray, Duntov had created a new chassis for the car to sit on. That’s not all Duntov had designed specifically for the Stingray, he also fashioned a new independent rear suspension which was essentially a frame mounted differential with U-jointed half shafts tied together by a transverse leaf spring. 
Chevrolet had gleefully provided the drivetrain which was a four-block 327 V8, the base engine chugged out 300bhp and 360bhp fuel-injected V8 version. The Stingray only came with a three-speed manual transmission but owners can opt for a four-speed Powerglide automatic. With the 360bhp fuel-injected version, the car hits a top speed 233kph! This is huge considering we’re talking about the 1960s here.

(Image source: petrolicious.com)
The Stingray did not have a long lifespan. While it might have been a hit when it was launched, changes were quickly made to the fastback version like the elimination of the backbone window due to safety reasons. The car never received as much love as it had when it was launched. It made a brief comeback in the 1997 when Nicolas Cage played its designated driver in Con Air.
You’ve guessed it! That car from Con Air will be making an appearance in the Movie Icons tent at XLR8! So be sure to come on down to Pullman Putrajaya this weekend to check the car out!
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