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Legends and Legacies: Movie Icon edition - Chevrolet Van

The Chevrolet Van came in many forms and many names to be specific.

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Yes, we know what you’re thinking, why is the Chevrolet Van doing here in Legends and Legacies, it is nothing like the Volkswagen Type 2 or as important as the V-Class. But the Chevy Van made it into the hearts in a different way though, to find out how, continue reading please.
The Chevrolet Van started life in 1961 that version ran with a flat-six opposed rear engine with air cooling, this version had been inspired by the Volkswagen Bus. But the van went through several updates throughout the years. Even at its first generation, the Chevy Van had made a name for itself giving competitors like the Ford Econoline and Dodge A100 a run for their money.
Before the ChevyVan entered its second generation, the van was already unrecognisable compared to the first time the world had set eyes on it. With its several different versions of the engines to retractable steps and “Deluxe” versions the van was nowhere close to the first version that was introduced! But come the second generation in 1967, the van resembled its rival VW Bus rather than the outgoing version.

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Not only was the van longer and more stylish than before, it was also more powerful with a standard engine upgrade that pushed 140bhp while another engine capable of 155bhp was available as an option. There is also a V8 engine that pushes 175bhp to pick from. Brakes have also been improved to a safer split system. 
Changes were made in 1968 to make for the van to fit with government regulations and then again in 1969 when a three-speed TH-350 Turbo-Hydramatic automatic transmission was added to the van. Another upgrade happened a year later when the 250 CID six-cylinder 155bhp engine became standard equipment.
By the way, does this version of the van not look familiar to you? Perhaps you’ve seen the van in a certain Cartoon Network cartoon that features a dog with four friends that solves mysteries?

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In 1971, the ChevyVan went through another major revamp in terms of looks and the previously rear engine has now moved to the front instead while suspensions came from the company’s pickup trucks. Standard engines were now 4.1-litre L6s that could produce 135bhp and 319Nm while options include a 5.7-litre V8 that is capable of 190bhp and 407Nm and a massive 7.4-litre V8 that produces 230bhp and 522Nm was available exclusively for the G30 variant.
Changes and upgrades were slowly added to the van as the years went by, a new bodystyle was introduced in 1971 while the interior was refreshed two years later. In 1983, Chevrolet even added a 6.2-litre diesel engine to the already long list of engines to pick from. 
It wasn’t until the introduction of the third generation that caught everybody onto the ChevyVan, thanks to the numerous appearance of the van in a huge number of well-loved movies and TV Series. One of which is the A-Team television show that ran from 1983 to 1987 on the NBC Network. 

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No we’re not talking about that extremely Hollywood hit that features Liam Neeson and Bradley Cooper, we’re talking about the original TV Series that features ex-US Special Forces mercenaries going up against all types of crooks, gangs, terrorist and thugs with their trusty A-Team Van. 
If you’re a fan of the series, would you kill to have the chance to see the van up close and personal in the metal? Well, come October and you will realise your dreams! Come on over to our event XLR8 and you can see for yourself the exact replica of the A-Team’s thug fighting Van at the Movie Icon section!
We told you this van had stolen the world’s heart in a different way other than performance!
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