March 02, 2016 @ 11:04 AM

Sponsored feature: Ean Nasrun on the Renault Captur

We gave presenter Ean Nasrun the Renault Captur for a week to find out what he thinks about it!

We know, we know what you’re thinking: the Captur has looks that would appeal more to a lady so why did we give the car to a male KOL instead? Well, Morning Crew presenter Ean Nasrun agrees with us on that but he’s not complaining much after spending a few days with it.

Ean also can’t seem to stop talking about the amount of boot space you get in the tiny looking Captur. It sure doesn’t look like it’s roomy inside from the outside but he has a few pictures to make you believe the roominess of the car! Neither can he believe that the Captur has a 1.2-litre engine hidden underneath the bonnet thanks to the punchy 120bhp at 4900rpm and 190Nm at 2000rpm the car produces.

But enough from us, let the man tell you what he thinks about the Renault Captur himself!

What do you think of the Captur’s size?
I think it's a comfortable size, it's not huge so it's easy to park. The car sits relatively high so it's easy to see the road in front of you.

What is your first impression when you saw Renault Captur?
Love the two tones.

What do you think about the car’s overall styling?
It's fresh, my personal favourite would be the White and black version.

Is the 1.2-litre turbocharged engine torque-ky enough for you?
I drive a pretty fast car on a daily basis but the Captur, given the engine 1.2-litre size, has a surprising amount of grunt to it.

Do you like the R-link feature in the Captur?
It's keeping up with the times, again it feels very fresh!

Name us five things you like about the Renault Captur?
  1. The Eco mode on off switch
  2. The fuel consumption is ridiculously good
  3. The car is insanely easy to drive
  4. The interior is ultra-comfortable
  5. Changeable seat covers is a nice touch
What did you do with the Renault Captur these past few days?
I am a creature of habit, so I used it to get to work mostly. And the boot space is unreal so I took the opportunity and shifted some furniture from my old place.

Did your friends / family give you any feedback on the vehicle? What did they say?
My sisters loved it, they took the wheel a few times haha.

Who would you recommend the car to?
I think it's a perfect first car. Every single thing about it is user friendly, that’s a huge selling point in my opinion along with the fact that the car has a lot of safety features as well.

What type of people do you think the Renault Captur appeals to?
Girls tend to gravitate to the car because of the design initially, the ease of driving seems to please them too.

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