August 12, 2016 @ 07:25 PM

​Friday Fives: Pokemon Go hacks while driving

Here’re five hacks that we suggest you not follow. Hunt at your own disgretion.

Pokemon Go fever has well and truly hit our country! And we’re sure that you, like us, have almost walked into a number of people who stopped in mid stride to catch a Pokemon when you were out and about.

We’ve heard the warning over and over again to not catch any Pokemons while you’re driving or to watch the road when you’re hunting. The App has way too many warnings for that, so we’re not here to tell you just how dangerous it is.

Instead, we’re here to tell you a few hacks we’ve discovered while on the road with help of a driving partner. Nope, we’re not telling you to play and drive, it is, after all, even more dangerous than drinking and driving, but there are ways to be a winner even while in the car with the help of a friend that is.

Take advantage of traffic jams

Our country is plagued with massive traffic jams. Did you know that Pokemon Go works up to 20kph? So if you find yourself stuck in your daily crawl just turn on the app, turn on battery saving mode, flip the phone upside down and let your car crawl. That way you can gain traction and hatch your eggs easier.

Drive by Pokestops
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The trick is to go slow… well slower, so your passenger can do the spin to collect whatever the Pokestop has to offer you! Places are SS2 and Sri Petaling has Pokestops galore as you stroll down the shops. Just drive your car around the shops and spin away! By the time you return to square one, the Pokestop would have already recharged.

Park and Spin

Out of Pokeballs and far from levelling up? You don’t have to go driving around or walking around to harvest stuff from the Pokestop. If you’re looking to save on that few Ringgits on a drink to sit at a Pokestop and wait for it to recharge and you don’t want to walk anymore after a long day of hunting. Open your car windows a jar and let the wind do its job to cool you off as you spin spin spin away at the Pokestop! You might want to air out the hot air from the car for this.

Eco Maniacs

A nice slow cruise is the best way to save fuel, making it the best way to spy on where the lures have been placed to attract the Pokemons. Get your co-driver to keep an eye out for lure-filled locations while you’re out hunting and you’ll be able to scout out the best locations to level up!

Traffic light lover

See that red light! Stop! We’re sure most of you will encounter a traffic light that requires you to wait for a total of 15 minutes. Make use of that time at the wait and get your co-driver to spin those Pokestops to harvest items!

Jerrica Leong  

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