July 29, 2016 @ 07:10 PM

Friday Fives: the best cars to go Pokemon hunting

While it has yet to be decided if Pokemon Go will ever make it to our country, we’re still prepping for its arrival.

Pokemon Go’s arrival to our country is hanging in the balance at the moment but that hasn’t stop the enthusiasts from waiting on our toes for it. This got us thinking, what four-wheeled vehicle would be best to go Pokemon hunting?

We’ve narrowed down to these five types of vehicles:

No.1 Pick-up trucks
Our pick: We can’t decide, either the Ford Ranger or the Land Rover Defender

A pick-up will offer you the option to work in a team. One person can drive while the other can sit in the truck bed and start catching any Pokemon you guys drive pass. The truck will also give you more flexibility when the Pokemon is not on the tarmac or across the river, extra ground clearance works wonders here.

No.2 Highway cruisers
Our pick: BMW 5 Series

Just in case your hunting will take you to places far and wide, you’re going to need a cruiser that will eat up those miles in comfort. 

No.3 Hot hatches
Our pick: Renault Clio R.S 

You’re going to need something nippy and small when chasing those pocket monsters around town. Not only is the Clio going to give you the size advantage and handling flexibility for those overtaking manoeuvres, it will also get you there faster than your opponents!

No.4 Van
Our pick: Nissan NV 200

This is the perfect vehicle for all your overnight Pokemon hunting needs. Not only do you get to transport all your equipment like the insane amount of powerbanks you can also camp out at a rest stop inside the van when you’re in need of a quick shut-eye.

No.5 Army vehicles
Our pick: Pinzgauers
(Image source: g-a.d-cd.net)
Plow through the crazy amount of Pokemon Go players to get to your target before you do! That is the fastest way to catch ‘em all and beat your competition!

Jerrica Leong 

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