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Friday Fives: Movie cars come to life

We've seen it on the big screen and the replay on TV, but on the streets as well? By Jerrica Leong

We've seen it on the big screen and the replay on TV, but on the streets as well? By Jerrica Leong
When we watch a movie that has a car playing a prominent part of the storyline, those cars would remain in our memories for a while, in some cases they are talked about pass a few generations! We love those cars that are decked out especially for a movie set, many of us would try to own a picture of it or buy a model of the car.

And then there are those who would go overboard with their love by decking out their cars in the same livery or accessories on their own cars.
We take a look at the five cars that came to live from the big screen.

DeLorean DMC-12

This car needs no introduction don’t you think? If seeing a normal DeLorean driving around would already raise some happy exclamations than imagine what the reactions would be like seeing the version that starred in the Back to the Future trilogy. Yes, people actually buy these car kits. Amazing?

GT 500 Eleanor
The Eleanor made an appearance the 1974 film Gone in 60 Seconds and it received star title credit for the movie as well. The name Eleanor was reused when filmmakers decided to remake the movie in 2000.

Volkswagen Beetle

One of the most iconic cars in the world, we all know this car as Herbie from the 1968 comedy, The Love Bug. The famous car that has a mind of its own is imitated on the modern Beetle as well, only the huge number 53 pasted across the bonnet and the racing stripes bares resemblance to the one in the movie. A portion of people would complain that if they want to deck the car out in Herbie stripes than the owner should have bought the 1960s version instead, but I guess it is comfort over looks?

Toyota AE86

The 2005 Initial D life-action film re-inspired car enthusiasts to deck out their cars with the tofu shop logo. I’ve personally seen one in Malaysia that looks exactly alike, down to the wheel rims! 

Mazda RX7
It’s a RX7 in a Fast and Furious movie. Two things that the youngsters like me appreciates. This design that was featured in Tokyo Drift has been imitated so often that it’s no surprise when you see one driving by. But even if the surprise element is lacking you wouldn’t be able to take your eyes off it!

And here's one more car, i mean truck, just for laughs. Howdy Mater!


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