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Friday Fives: Five most memorable moments in F1 Malaysia GP history

After 17 years, Formula 1 will soon hold their last Malaysia Grand Prix. Here are the most memorable moments

The worst possible scenario has come true! When Mokhzani Mahatir resigned as the chairman of SIC back in October, the fate of Formula 1 in Malaysia was hanging in the balance and F1 lovers in the country were praying for the worst to never come true.


Alas, the news that we have all been dreading has been announced, Formula 1 will not be coming back to Malaysia and we will soon host the last Malaysia GP come 2017. Though the news did not come as a surprised since there have been plans to end the F1 contract for a while now and Bernie Ecclestone has even commented that SIC looked “shabby” once, it was still a great blow to many of us.


But it has been a great 17 years of Formula 1 racing and there have been quite a number of memorable moments that happened in SIC so let’s take a look back at the great moments that happened since 1999.



Kimi Raikkonen’s maiden victory

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Believe it or not, but the Iceman actually won his first victory right here in Malaysia in 2003. Ah the days when it was still possible to win races starting at 7th on the grid, Ron Dennis actually admitted to have held back tears seeing their new Flying Finn jump on the top step.



Jenson Button wins and collected five points

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While Kimi Raikkonen might have stolen the lime light back in 2009’s Malaysia GP for being caught popping out an ice cream when proceedings had been red flagged due to torrential downpour, Jenson Button and the rest of the field had walked away with a strange collection of points. Since less than 75 per cent of the race was completed, only half points were given so imagine the strange scoring system for the fourth place man Jarno Trulli picked up… 2.5 points. Messed up the entire year’s scoring system.



The gamble that did not pay off

Sometimes gambles pay off, but there are the times that gambles don’t pay off. The same year that he was caught popping an ice cream, Raikkonen was also caught up in one of Ferrari’s bad tyre gamble. Since rain was predicted during the race, Ferrari had decided to deploy the full wet tyres on Raikkonen’s car but the gamble did not pay off as the rain had held off for quite a number of laps. Raikkonen’s tyres had deteriorated before the rain hit and the Iceman had to pit for new dry tyres. 



Lewis Hamilton blew up

It looked set to be an uneventful race, what with Rosberg and Vettel’s coming together being the most exciting of the day. But little did we expect that the flying Hamilton who opened up a huge gap between him and his rivals would suffer a massive engine blow up right on the starting straight then went up in flames. This Content Producer can still smell the smoke coming from the burning engine…



Team orders? What team orders?

The most memorable event that happened on the tarmac of Sepang was when Sebastian Vettel ignored team orders and overtook his team mate during the closing stages of the race. Mark Webber was in the team and had been told to look after the tyres, Vettel was told to do the same and stay behind Webber but the German had ignored the orders and made a spectacular overtaking move to win the 2013 Malaysia GP.


What are your most memorable moments in the Malaysia GP? Tell us!


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