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Friday Fives: Legends we would like to see reborn

Recently there have been too many car manufacturers trying to resurrect their legendary models but here are five we are desperately praying that would go into production.

Recently there have been too many car manufacturers trying to resurrect their legendary models but here are five we are desperately praying that would go into production.

“They just don’t make cars like these anymore” That is one phrase that we would find ourselves saying whenever we are having animated discussions about the legends that made motoring the way it is today. Cars like the Toyota Supra, the Mazda RX-7 and the Peugeot 205 GTi are prime examples that we mourned the end of their era. But recently, car manufacturers seem to be getting into the trend of recreating them. The 205 GTi already saw a direct successor in the form of the 208 GTi which we will feature in the August issue of CAR and word is out that more manufacturers are joining in with the resurrection game.

There was probably a sign of huge relief when the respective car manufacturers had announced their wish to resurrect those legendary cars and in this week’s Friday Fives we list down the five cars that we’ve witnessed the concept and wish that the manufacturers will hurry up and put them into production already!

BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage

BMW has been on a roll when it comes to creating homage editions of their legendary models and their latest edition is the 3.0 CSL Hommage. The homage is a direct nod of respect to the 3.0 CSL that was created to homologate the racy E9 coupe for competition in 1972 and it has hardly left anybody’s mind how unique the car was. Our UK counterparts drove the concept in the August issue of CAR, be sure to pick up one to read all about it!

Honda NSX

(Video source: TestDriven youtube)

Probably the highest anticipated unveiling of the Geneva motor show this year. The brand new NSX looks just as good as the previous generation that debuted more than 20 years ago, you know that red car that told a stack of prancing horses to sit down? Bookings are now open and we’re itching to know just how many will make it to our shores.

Audi Quattro Sport

(Video Source: Derek Bauer youtube)

The Ur-Quattro has a successor! And it looks nothing like the original, it looks very much like two parts Audi TT and one part Audi R8 mesh together into one to create the Quattro Sport concept. Well maybe the rear end looks like the first ever rally champion, maybe, the length of the car as well, maybe.

Volkswagen Kombi (Type 2)

(Image source: ausmotive.com)

The status defining hippie van is making a huge come back! I know, I know, the VW Transporter is actually a modern day version of the Type 2 Camper but VW thinks that it is high time that the Kombi start making its rounds around town again and re-enacting the counter culture must-have accessory item that the previous Kombi was.

Lamborghini Miura

(Image source: tilt-rotor.com)

Well, any hopes that Lamborghini would put this concept into production had probably dwindled away over the years. The concept was first unveiled in 2006 and even nine years later Lambo has not put it into production. But I’m sure there are still a number of ultimate enthusiasts that still held out hope and are still waiting for the moment when Lambo will announce that they will improve this concept and bring it into production.

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