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​Friday Fives: Balik Kampung? Here are a few tips.

Raya is just around the corner! We're sure most of you will be starting your Balik Kampung journey this weekend. So here are some road trip tips to follow to.

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Hari Raya is just around the corner and the balik kampung season will be starting soon. So remember to send your car for a quick service, change your tyres and fill your tank up to the fullest (remember to check that those brake lights as well!) and chug along to the following tips:

Break the journey down to parts
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Remember to take a break every two hours at a rest stop or a petrol station as you journey back. Take more breaks if you’re hitting a winding set of roads. Toilet break, tea snack, or just for a short close-eye, don’t forget that even if you don’t think you need the break your car might. So shut off the engine and pull the key out of the ignition to allow your engine and your brakes to cool off before making the next leg of the journey.

Get enough sleep

Even if you have innovative safety assistants in your car that would help monitor you state of wakefulness, it is best to get as much rest as possible. Remember, the safety assistant features in your car are only there to to prevent an accident and that massive amount of repair cost, not to save your life. Don’t do any strenuous workouts before your trip! Even race car drivers would refrain from any heavy training a few days prior to the race.

Spot the plodders
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Not everybody feels the need for speed, so there are bound to be plodders that will travel at 70 per cent below the speed limit in the middle and even the fast lane! So be sure to keep your eyes peeled even though you’re driving according to the speed limit.

Do not fear the rain…
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Most drivers seem to panic whenever the heavens open and start releasing droplets onto their cars. Slowing down is a given but to become one of the plodders mentioned above would just make you into a hazard. If you have working head and rear lights and other motorists will know you are occupying the road, hence the need to check if they are fully functional before travelling. Remember not to turn on your hazard lights! That would inform other drivers that you’re stationary and prevent you from indicating that you’re about to change lanes.

Stock up on snacks! Sweet ones especially

Don’t skip your meals! You would be surprise at just how much carbs you will need when you drive. So even after you’ve filled your bellies to the limit with food from the best restaurant in wherever you’ve stopped, be sure to stock up with snacks in your car, especially sweet ones because carbs equals sugar. There are plenty of cafes as you make your journey back. Brownies, cakes or pastries, if these don’t appeal to your tastes just pick up some fruits, they help as well!

Jerrica Leong 

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