July 15, 2016 @ 05:22 PM

​Friday Fives: top five Pokemon Go memes in the car world

Down because Pokemon Go isn’t coming to Asia any time soon? Cheer up, here are a few Pokemon Go + cars memes.

(image source: cdninstagram.com)
We swore we heard a number of shouts of dismay uttered with a few expletives thrown in for good measure here in CAR HQ when the news of Pokemon Go’s availability in Asia will not be in 48 hours was announced. We know, we feel the pain of being left out as well, especially for you IOS users *cough* get an Android for the time being *cough*.

Let’s face it, Pokemon Go has done the world a whole lot of good. Not only are people exercising more but also absorbing a good amount of Vitamin D into their systems to give them a healthy glow. But it is important to remember the rules of driving even though you feel the urge to collect them all! 

We’re sure that you guys can’t wait to get that same healthy phenomenon into your systems when Pokemon Go comes to Asia but in the meantime cheer up with these funny memes that we’ve scoured the internet to help cheer you up!

(Image source: imgflip.com)
Pokemon Go, it’s as dangerous as drinking and driving!

(Image source: gammerson.com)
Pokemon Go, it’s even more dangerous than texting and driving.

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Wait, weren’t you driving? How did you spot Jigglypuff in the first place? Put down that phone mister!

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Not on your phone but still seeing Pokemons everywhere you drive? You’re not alone.

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Now if only somebody would invent this game, we’ll definitely go crazy with it!

Jerrica Leong

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