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Friday Fives: Interesting facts about Nico Rosberg

We take a look at the five facts about Nico Rosberg, the 2016 F1 World Champion

Nico Rosberg, 31 years old from Germany and Finland, from a not so well-known driver to one of the best drivers in the world after he achieved his very first Formula One World Champion in an intense Abu Dhabi Grand Prix this year. 

Nico Rosberg’s dad, Keke Rosberg, was largely known as the World Champion in 1982! Before Nico joined Mercedes in 2010 alongside seven-time world champion Michael Schumacher, he drove for the Williams team for a few years. This came after he rejected a place on a engineering course at Imperial College London, he joined the ART Grand Prix team to further his racing career.

After his first Formula One World Championship title, he has been the highlight among the F1 news. Therefore here are five facts about this amazing and hard-working car racer, Nico Rosberg:


Nico Rosberg and Keke Rosberg were the first father and son that won in Monaco


The Rosberg father and son carry a lot of amazing achievements in their racing career individually, however, there is an interesting fact in their achievement as Nico Rosberg won the race in Monaco 30 years after his dad Keke Rosberg won the race set in the prestigious Monte Carlo street circuit!



Nico actually began his career at the age of 6


If you ever wondered how Nico Rosberg became a skilful driver, it is because he started to approach karting when he was 6 at the tracks surrounding his parent’s Monaco base. When we were having fun in the kindergarten, Nico was already training himself in karting.



He used to hold the record as the youngest driver that set the fastest lap


When Nico started his career, he did obtain some significant moments as well though it was relatively quiet as he was used to be the youngest driver to set the record of the fastest lap at the 2006 Bahrain Grand Prix. He was only 20 when he broke the record which no other young drivers could achieve that time until a certain German driver that goes by the name of Sebastian Vettel came along.



Nico Rosberg and Keke Rosberg are the second pair of father son world champion breaking the record set by Graham Hill and Damon Hill

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Taking over Graham Hill and Damon Hill the first father and son world champion, Keke Rosberg and Nico Rosberg broke the record by becoming the second father and son world champion after Nico’s victory in his very first world champion this year. There’s an interesting fact about these two father and son world champion, is that the gap year between the father and the son to achieve the world champion came 34 years apart. What a coincidence!



Nico Rosberg can fluently speak 5 languages but not his home language Finnish 

Nico Rosberg is fluent in French, Italian, German, English and Spanish. To think I’m struggling in learning just one language! However, Nico does not know how to speak his home language, Finnish, even though he is a part of them because his family doesn't speak Finnish at home and also Nico spent most of his youth living in Monaco and not in their home country, Finland. 


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