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Friday Fives: Racing games that takes simulation to a whole new level

These 5 racing games will take detail to a whole new level. By Jeremy Wong

These 5 racing games will take detail to a whole new level. By Jeremy Wong
Racing is dangerous. But what if you could do it in the comfort of your home on your favorite console? Racing games have come a long way and the current crop of four wheel simulators, provide an exhilarating dose of realism, eye watering detail and surreal gameplay physics. So why head to the nearest race track when you can just switch on, connect and race in virtual reality? Interested? We’ve completed the 5 best racing games from 2013-2014 that will satisfy any race-fan and petrolhead alike. Enjoy.
Developed by Evolution Studios (the guys who made WRC and MotorStorm), Driveclub is all about making new friends, forming a team and winning big. It’s about going head-to-head with other teams to earn rewards and gaining respect in royal rumble of a thrill ride. What’s best about this game is that there’s amazing detail behind the gameplay, the visceral sense of speed and a number of challenges that tests your driving skills. However, this game is limited only to the PS4 console and therefore only manages a number five spot on our list. So drive together and win together.
No. 4
Gran Turismo 6
15 years on, the game that created a genre of simulator racing with eye-popping detail and real world cars is now back with a bang. Developed by Polphony Digital in association of Sony Computer Entertainment, Gran Turismo 6 has introduced new tracks, cars and an improved user interface. However, the game lacks audio quality and damages on the car. But, it’s only available for PS3 which slightly hampers its rating. 
GRID Autosport
Developed by Codemasters (the developers of TOCA World Championship), this game motivates you to be the ultimate racer, conquer all, beat key rivals and impress your team sponsors in fierce races where you’ll want to be at the top. GRID Autosport pulled all stops to make a proper motor racing game and they did. The gameplay physics have been further perfected and the wide variety of tracks and cars promises some proper bumper-to-bumper racing. However, completing career mode can be tedious and time-consuming. Visuals could be better and lacks playability on new platforms such as PS4 and Xbox one. 
No. 2
Need For Speed Rivals
If you’ve not played Need For Speed Hot Pursuit or Most Wanted, then give this game a chance. Developed by EA, Ghost and Criterion Games, NFS Rivals is all about the rivalry between cop and racers. So are you going to think like an outlaw or are you going to think like the law? This game has splendid graphics, intense chases and aggressive maneuvering and use of weapons. Although, the weapons are similar to the weapons in NFS Hot pursuit and the impact damage is dealt by chance. So if you’re into this game, will you be the law or the outlaw?
No. 1
Forza Horizon 2
Developed by Playground Games in association of Microsoft, this game is the sequel to Forza Horizon. This game has a free-roam of the open world with a change of weather and time of day. This game has been further improved over the last installment of Horizon. This game has a huge number of challenges, car rosters, the lighting and weather effects are just amazing. Boot the game up and you’ll feel as if you are on location and in the car. Put on high quality headphones or crank the volume all the way up to eleven for maximum effect.  Note though, the game is only available on Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Modifications options could be better but this game remains the pick of the lot.

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