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Friday Fives: The Top 5 Japanese beauties of the 90s

1990s, when Japanese car manufacturers weren’t bringing the fight to Europe, they created these. By Arvind Kumar

1990s, when Japanese car manufacturers weren’t bringing the fight to Europe, they created these. By Arvind Kumar

The 90’s or as I would like to put it, the JDM golden era, represented the height of the Japanese cars. In this time, the best from Honda, Mazda and Toyota not only had beautiful body-sculptures but also massive power to boot. My most beautiful cars of the 90’s are from a time when Japanese cars were not taking the fight to the Euros; they were showing them how to get it done.

Here are my top 5 most beautiful Japanese legends from year 1990 – 2000.

No. 5
1998 Toyota Supra

(Photo Source: www.automofoto.net)
Sporting 3.0-litre grunt and indestructible chassis mechanicals was only half the story of the Mk 4 Supra. It was also clothed in beautiful flowing bodywork amidst bulbous front and rear arches. It looks menacing too with its sleek front headlamps at the front and monstrous rear wing.

No. 4
1995 Mitsubishi GTO

(Photo Source: www.ft86club.com)
Just look at that beautiful wrap-around rear glasshouse, and then gaze at those headlamps as they pop out of their enclosures. The GTO was a Mitsubishi with a huge Ferrari crush. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery after all, but there was no faulting the svelte lines of the Mitsubishi GTO. Albeit a slight underperformer in the power game, this gem from Mitsubishi still sports achingly gorgeous features that will beckon a second look if you’re lucky enough to spot one.  

No. 3
1998 Mazda RX-7

(Photosource: motor-kid.com)
Well what can I say; I will always have a Mazda in this countdown. But seriously, could you really blame me? The RX-7’s coke-bottle waistline hasn’t aged one bit. Add to that the lovely textures and surfaces that add ample detail to sheet metal, this car’s shape is almost timeless and rightfully so.

No. 2
1999 Nissan Silvia S15

(Photosource: cargurus.com)
The Silvia S15 possible gained much more popularity after the sport of drifting became the mainstream way of ‘hooning’ in style. Besides its beautiful weight balance and robust engine, the S15 also had amazing looks. The main focal point being the sexy headlamps that leads onto beautiful flowing waistlines along the flanks. The nip-and-tuck rump signs off on a great design that oozes sleek style and pizzaz.

No. 1
1998 Honda NSX

(Photo source: carbaze.com)

Remember the part where I said the Japanese were teaching the Europeans how to get things done – well, this car was probably the Dean of that university. Before the NSX, supercars were uncomfortable, unreliable and hard to live with. The NSX showed the world it didn’t have to be. It also treated us to a stunning show of automotive beauty. Beautiful eyes, a slim-waist and an, ‘ehem’, a beautiful behind – the NSX has it all.

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