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Friday Fives: The Top 5 Japanese beauties of from year 1980s

Arvind Kumar continues his count of Japanese beauties. This week he goes back to the 80s for inspiration.

Ahh… the 80’s, the era which invented and shaped everything that has come to influence the way we live, work and play to this day. DNA fingerprinting, the MIR space station and the internet were all products of the 80s. And who can forget the best movie ever made (your argument is invalid), Back to the Future. Over in the land of the rising sun, car makers were producing many exciting and beautiful cars with mid-engine layouts, screaming high-rpm four bangers and six-cylinder turbocharged monsters.

The Japanese were dead serious about taking the fight to the Euro contenders, and some did even more than that. Here’s my top 5 which not only had power to boot, but beautiful sheetmetal to stimulate the senses.

No. 5
1987 Honda CRX

(Photo Source: forums.vwvortex.com)
I struggle to think of any other hatchback that oozed as much character and brawny styling as the second generation Honda CRX (1987-1991). The CRX’s wide stance, low slung waistline and sleek glasshouse proportions proved an economical runabout could also look good and command street presence. The coolest design trait of the CRX would be clear glass panel that crowns the rear fascia just above rear tail-lamps. Initially designed to aid rear visibility, it undeniably also helped festoon this car with seriously sexy ‘tush’ which was later updated for use in its spiritual successor the Honda CRZ.

No. 4
1986 Toyota Supra (A70)

Photo Source: www.gopixpic.com
If there was a car on this list that just screamed bad-to-the-bone, this Supra is it. Being the first model to fully honour the Supra name this car had a lot to prove as Toyota’s flagship sports car when it rolled out the factory in 1986. The long, low cab-swept-back look probably shouted GT rather than sports car. But either way, finding this angry long-snouted and squat beauty breathing down your rear-end would probably send chills down your spine.

No. 3
1986 Toyota (AW) MR2

Photosource: 80shero.blogspot.com
The Toyota MR2 proves that you don’t always have to be big and brawny to flaunt a sexy silhouette. Just by combining svelte and petite proportions, cool pop-up headlights and sharp-looking T-bar roof made the Toyota MR2 a relatively cheap and gorgeous way to get about town. And by sporting a mid-engined rear wheel drive layout, also provides a rather rewarding driving experience.

No. 2
1988 Nissan Skyline (R32)

Photosource: Taylor Robinson (www.canibeat.com)
Affectionately known as Godzilla, the Skyline’s R32 bulbous fenders, gaping bumper air inlets and large rear wing not so much hides the latent power under the hood as screams ‘get the heck out of my way’. With a monstrous RB series engine providing the go, the Skyline needed little to state its sporting intentions and formidable driving prowess. But the sharp styling and butch looks definitely helped it along its way.

No. 1
1989 Mazda RX-7 (FC)

Photo source: www.wall321.com
You can’t have a Japanese car countdown without a Mazda making an appearance somewhere, especially when the countdown involves emotive design and exciting styling. The FC or otherwise known as the Savanna (what a name), came to embody everything Mazda is known for in modern times. Revolutionary engineering (read Wankel rotary engine), motorsport bred heritage and superb driving characteristics.

But the Savanna also looked good. Angular styling up front highlighted by pop-up headlamps and subtle air scoop, sets the tone for a swept-back cab which finishes off with a smooth wrap around glass in the rear quarters. A pinched waistline accentuates the cars ground effect leading up to large imposing rear tail lamps. It was after all, the view most people got when the turbocharged rotary engine starts to sing its high notes.

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