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Friday Fives: Five eye-catching premieres at the Tokyo Motorshow

Feast your eyes on five of the most eye-catching concepts at the recently concluded Tokyo Motor Show!

Feast your eyes on five of the most eye-catching concepts at the recently concluded Tokyo Motor Show!

The world is still on a high after the Tokyo Motor Show. Everybody still has not had enough of the cars that were launched in Japan. While Frankfurt had been the playground for the Continental brands, Tokyo was the place for the local brands to show their stuff. And they brought it out by the truck load! 
While our Editor is busy wrecking his brains for words to tell us what Honda has presented to him for print, let’s take a look at what the other marques have prepared for us.
Mazda RX-Vision
This concept sees the return of the rotary engines in Mazda cars. The last Mazda that came with a rotary had been the RX8 which tapered off to extinction a few years back. Mourners rejoice, the RX-Vision is here to save the day! If Mazda decides to put it into production that is.
Nissan Vision GT
If it wasn’t for the signature V-Motion, we would never have associated this concept with Nissan. The 202 Vision Gran Turismo was released to commemorate the 15th anniversary of Gran Turismo. Sharp!
Yamaha Sports Ride concept

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If Yamaha jumped into the Sports car scene, this would be how the car looks like. The concept was created with half a mind on motorcycles, perhaps this is Yamaha’s idea of enticing the rider to become a driver as well?

Mazda Koeru

Mazda wants a piece of the X6! The concept car you see here is the Koeru, which translates to “go beyond” or “surpass”. If the Koeru goes into production, the X6 along with the GLE will have tough competition to face!

Toyota S-FR

Toyota released four concept cars at the Tokyo Motor Show, but none more interesting than this S-FR. Toyota claims that the S-FR will continue the heritage of fun-to-drive lightweight sports cars. Perhaps the design team is aiming at the demographic of classic kei-car lovers?

Honda did not present us with any four-wheeled concept in Tokyo so the brand had taken a back seat here but be sure to keep an eye out for the December issue of CAR Malaysia. Our Editor has got loads to tell about his trip with Honda!

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