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Friday Fives: Five SUVs to live with just in case of flood

In light of the daily rain, we introduce to you the best SUVs and a pick-up truck that will help make wading the water easier!

In light of the daily rain, we introduce to you the best SUVs and a pick-up truck that will help make wading the water easier! by Jerrica Leong

I for one am a person who welcomes the rain to our lands. Not only does the rain bring with it the cooling effect it also brings along a cheaper electricity bill and never ending amount of water supply, I have not forgotten the horrors of needing to conserve water and share it with residents of different cities.
But while I love the rain I also know that our country’s drainage system is not the most efficient, the SMART tunnel only helped with the problem somewhat it doesn’t solve the problem altogether. So with the abundance of rain the past few days, we at CAR Malaysia started thinking about our survivor on the road when we encounter the dreaded flood.
Here are four cars, or better known as SUVs, and one pick-up truck, from premium to the cheapest you can get that will help make life easier when the flood hits.

Range Rover

In the premium corner we have the Range Rover. If you remember this Content Producer went off-roading with a Range Rover and find that if you want an SUV but can’t miss out on the premium coddle the Range Rover is your best bet! The best feature about this car is its air suspensions.

Audi Q3

Audi’s Q3 won the cake if it comes to a continental SUV showdown. It’s not a full-blown SUV but our research shows that the Q3 even beat back its bigger Q5 sibling to be the best out of the Continentals.

Subaru Outback

When it comes to a game of Japanese SUV ground clearance the Subarus wins by a mile. With a total ground clearance of 8.7-inches for both the Forrester to the recently launched Outback, Subaru wins hands down for the Jap corner.

Suzuki Jimny

Yes, the Jimny is on the list. While it might be a little bit old fashion, the Jimny has brilliant water wading abilities that will put the other more expensive mini SUVs to shame. 

Ford Ranger

We can’t mention flood preparation without including a pick-up truck! The Ford Ranger wins hands down from its rivals with a water wading depth of 800mm. That was the reason why DC used to own one purely for water wading purposes.

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