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Friday Fives: Five things that we will see on our highways in the near future

This week we count the five technologies that would be installed on our roads in the near future. By Jerrica Leong

This week we count the five technologies that would be installed on our roads in the near future. By Jerrica Leong
While we’re not saying the highways of Malaysia are old and we’re certainly not calling them shabby, but we would like to see some modern improvements to the state of them. Like better drainage systems or a smoother drive along the MEX highway. It seems our prayers were answered for recently our dear writer took a trip down to the highway expo to check out some of the plans that the government have for our daily routes. What a marvel it was and we pray that these technologies would come faster than expected.

This week’s Friday Fives, we count down the five most interesting features that we would soon see on our roads in the near future.

Intelligent lighting

Street lights that does more than just lighting the way. In the near future we might see street lights that have a camera installed alongside the LED lights, the camera will monitor the surroundings and broadcast footage immediately via either a wired or wireless router to Roadway Control Centre. The street lights also comes with a safety feature called META Whistle that will alert other drivers if an accident around the area to help reduce secondary accidents.

Thermoplastic Road Marking Materials

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How about a glow in the dark paintjob? We’re plague by road marking materials that fades away as the harsh weather threw rain and sunshine through humid days on it, but Gamron Industries looks to paint the roads with all-weather thermoplastic road markings that would last through the decade. Did we mention that it glows as well?

“Silent” Bridge Expansion Joints

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We all wish that we can have a smoother drive on the MEX highway, especially if we’re heading downtown. Now if only this special tarmac that have the characteristics of rubber that road workers can lay onto the expansion joints came earlier, we all would enjoy a smoother and steadier drive since 2008!

Gateless Toll entry

Teras Teknologi, a member of PLUS highway’s management is looking to get rid of those pesky SmartTAG devices that causes loads of cracked windscreens and damaged cars. They will be replacing the SmartTAG and the Touch and Go cars for that matter with this technology known as RFID where all you need is a windscreen sticker that has a chip installed in it to pay your tolls.


Water retention is a driver’s worst nightmare, the simple reason water collates around the roads is because it couldn’t flow away fast enough. LaFarge has an answer to help the poor drainage problem in a form of a new fast draining concrete pavement known as Hydromedia. The layer will absorb water and store it in the ground to reduce pools of water on the roads.

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