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Friday Fives: What you need to know about the KL City Grand Prix

The traffic situation is not the only thing that you need to know during the duration of the KL City Grand Prix, here’s five things you need to know about this weekend!

The biggest question on everybody’s mind is how the entire city will turn out from today onwards. Three races will be happening throughout the weekend, the main event KL City GT Cup, V8 Supercars Street Challenge and the Formula Masters China Series. Which will culminate in an after race concert featuring local stars like Hunny Madu and Dasha Logan happening over at the KLCC park.

You wouldn’t want to miss the first time ever KL holds a street race! So here are the top five survival tips on how to survive the KL City Grand Prix weekend!


This goes without saying but we still can’t emphasise on how important it is to know your routes and plan them out, if you’re driving of course. We’ve included the maps here so keep this saved on your devices.


(Image source:

Race goers are encouraged to take the public transport, as this will eliminate any need to memorise the routes to the designated parking lots. The organisers have been kind enough to arrange for extra services during the course of the weekend


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If driving to the city is the only way you will be able to make it to the race then here is the map to the designated parking spots for the KL City Grand Prix. Just in case you lost your hard copy or forgot to bring it, save it on your devices!


(Image source: KL City Grand Prix Facebook)

Bring your earplugs! Believe it or not, these cars are louder than the V6 1.6-litre hybrid F1 cars and definitely louder than the Formula E cars! So for safety and medical purposes, you are advised to bring, purchase, steal (just kidding) or find any way to bring a pair for yourself!


As this is the city, sheltered areas are very limited. So with the erratically unpredictable weather these days, we suggest you bring along both an umbrella and a cap. Don’t forget to slather on loads of sunblock as well. Of course, there is even the danger of an area becoming too crowded, we were assured that circuit staff will be on hand to handle any overcrowded situation so be sure to listen to instructions calmly!

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