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Friday Fives: The hybrids that will shake the world

2015 will see quite a few introductions of sports cars equipped with a hybrid system hidden within the very powerful engines, we list them down. By Jerrica Leong

2015 will see quite a few introductions of sports cars equipped with a hybrid system hidden within the very power engines, we list them down. By Jerrica Leong

They’re ferocious and they look good, one of them had made us wait a good 25 years only to be reintroduced as a hybrid sports car while two of them cost millions from bank accounts (they’re all sold out though)! We’ve already been introduced to the very futuristic looking BMW i8, which is a plug-in hybrid sports cars, but more are to come as 2015 chugs along and three of them most probably wouldn’t even make it to our shores.

We’re all excited to see the introduction of more alternative high performance cars so which are the cars that we most look forward to be introduced to?

Ferrari LaFerrari

While we’re no stranger to this hypercar that Ferrari unleashed from their stables in 2014, the car does technically plays debutante in 2015. Since the unveiling in Geneva, this hybrid hypercar has since sold out despite the hefty price tag. It is equipped with a HY-KERS that Ferrari had made full use of the knowledge gathered from the Scuderia Ferrari F1 KERS to build.

McLaren P1 GTR

Hybrid hypercars are the trend now with McLaren jumping on the band wagon to release another awesome car to hit the history books. The McLaren P1 GTR features an ERS-style push-to-pass system that is derived from the Formula 1 cars. Another hybrid who stole technology from their Formula 1 cousins!

Porsche 918 Spyder

Down to less expensive cars, well this one still has a hefty price tag but at least it isn’t sold out! The Porsche 918 Spyder made a smashing debut at the Frankfurt motorshow, it smashed the record on its first attempt around the Nurburgring-Nordshleife circuit by a good 14 seconds one day before the unveiling!

Acura NSX

The highly anticipated Acura NSX ended the long wait (25 years is too long!) with its debut at the Detroit motorshow just this month, but to make it more interesting the NSX returned in a form of a hybrid supercar. The twin-turbocharged 75-degree DOHC V6 engine with a nine-speed DCT is mated to a three-electric motor Sport Hybrid system, just the sound of it already had us sweating to find out how the supercar drives!

Volkswagen Golf GTE

Hot-hatch alert! The hot-hatch lover in us is all thumbs up and rightly excited about this hot-hatch hybrid. The Golf GTE is driven by two engines: a 1.4-litre 148bhp TSI direct-injection petrol engine and a 101bhp electric motor. We seriously wonder if the Golf GTE would make it to Malaysia, hopefully!

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