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Friday Fives: Hottest cars that launched in the first Quarter of 2015

This week we count the five cars that were launched in the past four months that got us all in a whirlwind. By Jerrica Leong

This week we count the five cars that were launched in the past four months that got us all in a whirlwind. By Jerrica Leong
Time flies! It feels as if we were just celebrating the first month of 2015 yesterday but now we are receiving reports from the likes of Mercedes-Benz about their performance in the first quarter of the year. Within the four months we saw a number of cars debuting in our country that swept us all up in a whirlwind and have us buying it off the shelf.

Peugeot 308

This is one sleeper-hit. Nobody had expected the 308 to do so well since the previous generation had raked up quite a bit of bad rep, but the 308 had came in with a huge bang when the car was launched. Our writer had personally driven the 308 and he reports that it’s as good as it looks! Be sure to pick up an issue of our upcoming issue to read his full review!


This little hatchback had been racking up a huge shelf of trophies overseas, and it had definitely caught the attention of many in our country. While the launch of the car had been a little understated the car definitely caught the attentions of the unsuspecting souls looking to buy a Japanese hatchback!

Perodua Myvi

We started spotting the new facelifted Myvi two weeks after the launch of the car. I take that as a sign that the Myvi has retained its place as the most beloved hatchback in our country!

Honda HRV

The hardest decision for me, I couldn’t decide to rank the HRV either up on number one or two, this car was booked all the way to May even before the price was announced. People didn’t mind waiting for four months to own this beautiful crossover. We spotted the cars on the road one day after the launch and trailers full of HRVs waiting to be delivered! There are even a number of them parked downstairs of CAR HQ! That’s saying just how much of a whirlwind the HRV had caused.

Mercedes-Benz E300 BlueTec Hybrid

We’ve recently received word that this car made up more than half of the sales for Mercedes-Benz since its launched. A whopping 638 units in just the few months it arrived in Malaysia. For a diesel hybrid that puts one back RM348,888 without insurance this car deserves the number spot on this list. To think Mercedes-Benz were worried that the public would not be partial to the diesel hybrid concept!

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