November 21, 2014 @ 06:39 PM

Friday Fives: 5 Things to take note when going for Formula E

Formula E is happening tomorrow but before you get going read this! By Chris Ng and Jerrica Leong

Formula E is happening tomorrow but before you jump in your fuel combustion car, don’t forget to equip yourself with the following knowledge! By Chris Ng and Jerrica Leong
1. Leave the earplugs at home
Formula E cars run on electricity, which makes them sound like RC cars. The Writer described the sound as cute! You might want to add your own soundtrack just to make the race noisier. Just sayin’.
2. Sun block, lots and lots of sun block

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This one goes without saying. We get sunned on nearly every day of the year. That said, read number 3.
3. Umbrellas and rain coats, lots and lots… you get the idea
If you have not been outside, the country is in the middle of the monsoon season. Which really means, there will be rain – lots and lots of rain. See those clouds? They're coming!
4. It is held in Putrajaya
Just so you know, the race is NOT held in Sepang International Circuit. It is also a street track instead of a race track; do obey all the traffic laws please. Read the title, it's Putrajaya ePrix.
5. The race happens on a SATURDAY and NOT a Sunday
While most race series are held on a Sunday, Formula E will happen on a Saturday. Yes, 22nd November 2014 is a Saturday. Check your calendars so you don't miss out Round 2 of Formula E and the Formula 1 finale happening in Abu Dhabi. 

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