November 28, 2014 @ 11:09 PM

Friday Fives: Characters that we wish Malaysian drivers have

Take a look at the five foreign drivers' traits that everybody complains we should have. By Jerrica Leong

Take a look at the five traits that everybody complains we should have. By Jerrica Leong
The grass is always greener on the other side, we always want what the foreign lane have even mannerisms on the road! You are bound to hear the many rants about Malaysian drivers lacking of so and so trait that those foreign drivers possess. What are the most common wishes? We list it out.

We wish that the drivers would give the pedestrians and bicyclists the right of way. This Content Producer had the pleasure of having the cars stop for her at zebra crossings while the Editor praised the drivers for their awareness of the bicyclists overseas.

Politeness all round. There’s no harm in thanking someone for letting you pass. We’ve seen a few people waved a hand in thanks to the driver opposite for their politeness.

Can we please not make any last minute cut out at road exits? It's dangerous! We observed that those in the foreign land do not make any last minute lane changes at highway exits.

According to the Writer, though honking is as natural as breathing in India, the drivers are very efficient with their indicator usage, unlike here where we have to second guess if that car is about to cut into your lane, which 80% they do.

A spoiled traffic light at a junction would cause a traffic jam that stretches five kilometres long in Malaysia while in places like even London, drivers are at least polite enough to let each other pass to get on with their business.

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