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Friday Fives: Be considerate during Chinese New Year!

Instead of a “tips for travelling” guide we’re listing down five biggest traffic-related problems we face during every CNY.

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Ah yes, the festive season is almost here while the more oriental part of our community dread the rush to clean out their homes (and engulfing everyone in a layer of dust) there is also the looming dread of the traffic situation for those who will be travelling.

So with CNY just a few days away, let’s list down the five biggest car related problem that would cause a lot of some angst during the season.

Reckless driving

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To those who like weaving in the traffic and utilising the emergency lane when it’s congested, FYI, you’re not the only one who can’t wait to get out of the traffic and into the arms of your family. So get in line and drive at a decent pace, you don’t want to cause an accident and a three hour delay for everybody, do you?

Curiosity kills the cat

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In other words: slowing down to check out an accident on the road. According to superstition, unless you are planning to help, avoid looking directly at an accident, keep calm and continue on. It’s bad luck to stare at somebody’s misfortune and bear in mind, you’re travelling because of CNY, all that cleaning to get rid of bad luck would be for naught!

Clogging up the toll booth

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Ah yes, the massive struggle to get in line for your turn to pay toll. It’s a common occurrence to encounter the problem of not knowing which line enters which toll booth, this is caused by those who cut the cue attempting to get to the front. The worst are those who forced their way into the Touch and Go/ SmartTAG lane when they don’t have any such device to cut the cue. Seriously?

Driving with the hazard lights on

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The heat wave has been broken recently by the spell of light rain, so just in case you encounter rain when returning to your home town DO NOT TURN ON YOUR HAZARD LIGHTS. It’s an advice that is circulating all the time but it is especially dangerous when the roads are filled with traffic. Remember: hazard lights=stationary car, so unless you’re stationary do not go anywhere near that hazard light button.

Inconsiderate parking

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Who says that it is only traffic that would cause some angst during the season? The need to find extra parking lots for the returning family members’ cars and causing war between neighbours and said members is a massive issue as well. And when parking lots run out, some of these members would proceed to double, triple and even quadruple park leaving space for only a Viva to drive pass. Or worst, they parked right in front of your gate preventing you from getting in and out!

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