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Friday Fives: Five names that Malaysians look at differently

We list down the five names in the car industry that turns into puns in Malaysia. By Jerrica Leong

We list down the five names in the car industry that turns into puns in Malaysia. By Jerrica Leong
We’ve heard numerous stories about the car model names that got lost in translation when the car companies attempted to sell it overseas. Unfortunately in Malaysia, we turn these car model names into puns. Yes, puns that don’t do the original car model justice. Just for a light read, we decided to list them down for this week’s Friday Fives!

Perodua SLK?

The people in foreign countries know this car as the stylish two-door Mercedes-Benz but in Malaysia, we know it as the Small Little Kancil. Interesting, they’re both small but the difference in horses can be compared to the length of an A380!

Perodua CLK!
You saw this coming! While the SLK is known as the Small little Kancil, the CLK refers to the lovable Cute Little Kelisa. The Kelisa is still well sought after though the CLK has sadly faded into oblivion with the arrival of a 911 rival sibling. If this was a competition of popularity I would say the Kelisa wins out here. Locally that is.

Macan or Makan?

While we’re sure that Porsche took infinite time and effort to pick out a name for their first ever baby SUV we can’t help but pronounce it as Makan instead. Try pronouncing it in a German accent, it still sounds a little bit like “Let’s eat” in Malay!

Vauxhall Viva

If ever this car comes to Malaysia, we would have a huge problem. Vauxhall released the Viva in Europe last year, and both the Perodua Viva and the Vauxhall Viva shares more similarities than you think. They’re both hatchbacks and they’re both A-segment contenders. Perhaps Vauxhall got the idea from Perodua?

I'm taking the BMW

We’re all familiar with these three alphabets together, the brand is associated immediately with premium well made cars, and there were even research done to show that owners of these vehicles are not the friendliest people in the world. Unfortunately for BMW, the people of Wilayah Persekutuan used to know it as something else. BMW in Malaysia used to stand for Bas Mini Wilayah?

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