October 31, 2014 @ 04:40 PM

Friday Fives: Top 5 Car Chase Scenes that isn’t Ronin or Italian Job

We present five car chase scenes that you should also know about, if you haven’t already. By Chris Ng

We present five car chase scenes that you should also know about, if you haven’t already. By Chris Ng
Talk about car chase scenes and Ronin or Italian Job would definitely come to mind. If not, then it would be one of the Fast & Furious movies or the recent Need For Speed that occupies top-of-mind recall. The thing is, there are many more car chase scenes that are just as, if not, more exciting to watch.

It is not just about high speed, broken glass, twisted metal and big explosions that make a car chase scene memorable. Done properly, a car chase scene is really high art, the pinnacle of cinematography and choreography but not necessarily special effects. Narrow streets, intricate paths, plenty of collateral damage and smart maneuvers are also needed to make the scene exciting. 

But to make a car chase scene truly great, a good dose of fun and incredulity must also find its way among the carnage. So here, I’ve carefully curated five scenes that have all of that, and then some Enjoy.

The Bourne Supremacy

The Bourne Identity had that classic Mini chase on the streets of Paris. Once again, Bourne finds himself in a hugely disadvantaged car trying to escape the bad guy in a Mercedes Benz G-Wagen. Succeeds? Of course, but not before writing off both cars.


The Transporter

So you have burglars in the car and they want you to get them out of there ASAP. A terrifying prospect. Unless you’re Jason Statham with god-like skills and driving a BMW… let’s have the clip speak for itself.


Who Am I?

What? A Jackie Chan movie in here? Why not? This scene has everything – crotch gags, donut parking, failed wheelie, shooting rocks from the wheels, a girl in handcuffs and an indestructible Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI. No seriously, watch how it does not get scratched one bit.

The Blues Brothers

Way before that British television program about automobiles decided to test cars in a parking lot, the Blues Brothers have already tore through JC Penney. But not before leading the police on a chase through a parking lot and into the mall via Toys R Us.



Alright, this one is very different. There is no high speed chase in busy mid-town traffic and no carnage to speak of. This scene, unlike the rest in the list, shows is that stealth and a lot of brains can outsmart the cops. 

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