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Friday Fives: Automobile museums to visit when in Germany

Every motorhead visiting Germany should not miss out on these historical places!

Germany, the home of all the longest reining car manufacturers, from Mercedes-Benz’s triple digit history and BMW’s newly achieved 100 years anniversary to Volkswagen’s 78 years of history. It’s a given then to have a special place set up to house their greatest works throughout the years the manufacturers have been in business. So they’ve set up their own hall, parked their greatest prizes inside it and call it a museum for their biggest fans to visit and learn about how the respective brands have evolved through the decades.

If you’re looking for a guide on which manufacturer’s museum you should visit during your holiday in Germany here’s five. If you have time to spare, just visit all of them! I heard Eurail Pass has a special offer going on to get the best train deals around Europe at the moment. Good luck!

BMW Museum (Munchen)

(Image Source: houseofhaos.wordpress.com)

When you’re in Munchen – I mean Munich – your attention will be directed straight to the BMW Welt. The museum is right next to the Welt and you will get to see all the most iconic BMWs from Motorrads to the concepts the brand has created throughout the years, there are even a few ambulance and police cars that BMW had provided many decades before! Bet you didn’t know that!

Mercedes-Benz Museum (Stuttgart)

(Image source: wikimedia)

This is the place where 130 years of Mercedes-Benz is housed. From the first mode of transport, a four legged creature with hooves, to the safety cars that have been used in Motorsport throughout the years, you’ll feel rich just walking through the corridors. You’ll even get to see the first car that Karl Benz and Daimler created before they were known as Mercedes-Benz! The real one, not a replica.

Porsche Museum (Stuttgart)

(Image Source: radiomuseum.org)

This is not a place you want to miss if you’re a Porsche fan. From the first car Ferdinand Porsche decided to produce because he couldn’t find a sports car that he like to the many Le Mans masterpiece and the first ever 911. You won’t miss the museum it’s located next to the Porsche HQ. Just tell the driver Porsche Platz Bitte and he'll get your there!

Autostadt Museum (Wolfsburg)

(Image source: lh6.ggpht.com)

When you’re here be sure to look upppp, further upppp until you fall over on your pampered behind or you can just get into one of the lifts fashioned to look like VW’s interior to the top of Volkswagen’s famous museum towers to enjoy the view of Wolfsburg and the numerous cars that Volkswagen has churned out throughout their 78 years of history.

August Horch Museum Zwickau (Saxony)

(Image Source: radiomuseum.org)

You’ll get to see all of Audi’s first masterpieces here, but no, it’s not the official Audi museum. The August Horch Museum is set up inside Audi’s first ever factory and houses all the Audi vehicles that were built in the factory before the company set up factories elsewhere. If you want to step foot in the site where it all started this is it!

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