January 22, 2016 @ 05:20 PM

Friday Fives: Five eye-candies at the NAIAS. Yum!

Before the hype of the North American International Auto Show in Detroit dies down, let’s take a look at the five most delicious eye candies at the motorshow.

Time flies, it feels like just yesterday we celebrated the Christmas and the New Year and now we’re all headed straight into preparing for the upcoming Chinese New Year. And with it comes the fireworks... gosh. Do excuse me while I get my ear plugs ready. In meanwhile let’s take a look at five eye-candies unwrapped at the recent NAIAS.
Acura Precision concept
Just last year Acura launched the long awaited Acura NSX, now they are directing your attention to this sedan. Just imagine the NSX’s face but with two extra doors. It seems the designers in Honda’s California design studio are researching to to have all future models the same face as the NSX. The result looks good.


This car’s launch was massively hyped up in BMW’s Periscope account and it has been eluding many for a while. Now there it stood in all its glory at NAIAS glinting at everybody as if knowing that they’ve seen its high performance debut into the world. Forget about the 2 Series AT or the 2 Series GT, this is what the 2 Series is all about in the first place!

Infiniti Q60

Infiniti has definitely found the winning designi team! Starting from the Q50 they’ve been creating sexy squinty eye beasts that would guarantee more than a few turned heads. Now they’ve jumped into the sports coupe segment with this equally sexy Q60! 

Lexus LC500

It was a close call between the Q60 and this beautiful LC500. This concept embodies the future with the Lexus LFA as inspiration. But the LC 500 is not limited to 500 units like the LFA so there is no need to scramble to buy the car!

Audi H Tron

The concept SUV that Audi has been talking about for a while now finally makes its appearance in the metal. The H Tron marks the first step to Audi’s CO2-neutral mobility vision with the concept’s highly efficient fuel cell that produces 150bhp and Quattro system. 

Jerrica Leong 

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