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Friday Fives: Most anticipated launches in 2014

Take a trip back to 2014 to check out what are the most interesting car launches. By Jerrica Leong

Take a trip back to 2014 to check out what are the most interesting car launches. By Jerrica Leong 
The first week of 2015 just ended and we’re soon to jump back into the car-launching fun, but what are the cars that caught everybody’s attention in 2014? From hypercars and supercars to everybody’s beloved hatchbacks and new ventures, we count the five cars that were launched in 2014 that we anticipated the most.

Perodua Axia

Perodua claims that this car is not the beloved Viva’s replacement as it will be produced alongside the Viva. We were invited to the media preview and we got a chance to bring the Axia for a short five minute drive, initial impressions are that this car is not bad, but we have to really try out the car to really find out. Be sure to catch the review of the Axia on Carmalaysia.my soon.

Proton Iriz

This car is set to become the nation’s new pride because Proton has poured every ounce of research and the sweat into perfecting the Iriz. We like to look at this car as a Jazz contender but will it stand the pressure? We’ll have to wait and see.

Honda Jazz

Probably the car that we were all waiting for, the Honda Jazz made its comeback with a bang. We tested it in Thailand and driven it through our country’s B-roads (the horror) and we kind of like it, okay we love it a lot and this Content Producer can’t wait for her turn to try this car out. But at the moment you can read Chris Ng's review of the Honda Jazz here.

McLaren 650S

This car is set to replace the McLaren MP4-12C, which Chris Ng took delight in giving it one last shake, we haven’t yet heard any news about one being purchased but it sure did caught our attention when it was launched in July 2014. 

Koenigsegg Agera S

The Swedish Hypercar was launched just days after the McLaren 650S, so we can say that this took some of the fun away from the 650S. Christian Von Koenigsegg himself came down to the tropics to launch the Agera S that has a price tag of RM5million without the 300% tax, so the total amount the privilege few will have to pay is... well I’ll let you calculate the number yourself! 

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