July 27, 2016 @ 12:21 PM

Why it is a bad idea to step out of the car in a tiger enclosure

Passengers of what looks like a Volkswagen Phideon decide to take a walk in a drive-in tiger enclosure.

There are numerous parks and zoos out there in the world where you get to go up-close and personal with wild animals while in the car. The luckier of us would happily forked out extra cash to jump in one of those specially armoured vehicles and have the caretakers take us on a fun ride but the not so lucky ones would settle with a stylish bus with cages installed on the windows. 

I’ve had the privilege of jumping into a Range Rover Evoque for a tour around an enclosure where a number of tigers, lions and bears lounged in the sun while I was holidaying in Everland. The driver had taken great lengths to remind us not to stick any parts of bodies out of the window, not even a finger when we’re given the opportunity to feed the cuddly cats and bears. 

We’re sure that it’s the same at every zoo or park you’re visiting where rules of not getting out of the car or even winding down the window are forbidden. But these people in the Volkswagen Phideon visiting the part where visitors are allowed to drive their own vehicles into the park of Badaling Wildlife World in Beijing seem to think that those warnings too lightly and decided to take an impromptu walk.

If you have a weak heart, we would suggest that you give this video a pass. 

To summarise, the woman left the car then walk to the other side of the vehicle, a tiger had approached her and dragged her away. Her husband and mother jumped out of the VW in an attempt to rescue her.

While the woman who was first dragged off by the tiger suffered severe injuries, her mother who gave chase in an effort to save her was killed, reportedly, by another tiger while she was fighting the first one. The woman’s husband was uninjured, as was their child who had remained in the vehicle.

Unless the enclosure is filled with soft cuddly herbivores (the category does not include bulls and moose by the way) it is always a bad idea to step out of the car at any zoo. Carnivores are interested with meat, not the metal on the Volkswagen Phideon or any car for that matter.

PS: We refuse to believe that the woman left the car because it was uncomfortable, the Phideon is anything but.

Jerrica Leong

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