September 01, 2016 @ 04:51 PM

Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia takes the reign of VW distributorship in Malaysia

Porsche Holding Salzburg (no, not that Porsche) will take over distribution of VW vehicles in the country.

The official distribution of Volkswagen vehicles in Malaysia will now fall under the purview of European automotive retail specialist Porsche Holding Salzburg (PHS) that will operate here under the new company name of Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia (VPCM).
PHS is no to be confused nor is it directly related, to Porsche AG; maker of all things great with engines in the rear and supercars in its crosshairs. Based in Austria, PHS’ focus is solely on automotive retail and is fully-owned subsidiary of Volkswagen AG with a presence in 26 markets that includes south east Europe and South America before diverging into Asian markets that begun with China.
Leading VPCM will be two managing directors; Alin Tapalaga, who will handle the the Brand and Human Resource operations while Florian Steiner will oversee the Aftersales, Information Technology and Finance side of the business.
VPCM’s focus will be on strengthening sales strategies with new products and fortifying the Volkswagen dealer network as well as service and parts availability. The first order of the day was to enrich the ownership experience with the announcement of a five-year manufacturer warranty for all Volkswagen vehicles purchased beginning 1st September 2016. Previously, all Volkswagen vehicles came with a third-party insurer backed assurance to complement the manufacturer warranty for a combined five years as well.
“VPCM is fully committed to the future growth of the Volkswagen brand amidst the highly competitive automotive landscape in Malaysia. With a strong management team already in place, we endeavor to provide our customers with a complete ownership experience. Customers can also rest assured that we will be increasing the CKD model lineup, and will continue to import CBU models into the country,” said Tapalaga.
The new Jetta and all-new Passat will be the first two models introduced under the VPCM stewardship and should be launched within the next few months.
Whilst Volkswagen Group Malaysia (VGM), the previous distributor in the country, has released the distribution to VPCM, the company will continue to operate here with its interests in Audi and the CKD operations in Pekan a part of its portfolio. A new managing director; Jeffrey Dehate, will also take over the helm of VGM starting October 2016.
To sum it up, VGM will sell the locally-assembled Volkswagen models from Pekan to VPCM, who will then in turn sell them to customers via the dealer network.

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