November 28, 2016 @ 03:05 PM

Flagship Volvos receive major updates

Volvo Cars bump up safety, powertrain and connectivity for their premium 90's series models.

Keeping in tune with current times, Volvo's smartphone connectivity which previously only included Apple CarPlay, will now come with Android Auto function as well, making it more usable for all their customers. Volvo's navigation system receives an update with the Over-The-Air navigation system as well which constantly updates the world maps in the vehicle’s system. 


The Swedish car maker has always been a byword for safety and as a result, have debuted two revolutionary connected safety systems for the S90, V90 and XC90.  Using a cloud system to communicate between Volvo cars, Slippery Road alert and Hazard Light Alert share safety-critical data that help inform other Volvo owners of impending dangers. 

Receiving road condition updates from cars ahead, Slippery Road Alert warns the driver if there are slippery road sections coming up ahead, reducing the risk of an accident. Hazard Light Alert is a system that informs the driver if there is a vehicle with activated hazard lights up ahead on the road giving you enough time to slow down. A particularly useful feature on roads with blind corners and hills. Volvo Car’s Scalable Product Architecture aim to add these safety features across their entire range of cars as soon as possible.

With fuel economy being the main goal, Volvo will be adding a new range of Drive-E powertrains to their lineup. Dubbed as the D3 engine, this four-cylinder diesel engine will be available either with a six-speed manual or six-speed automatic transmission delivering a fuel consumption of 4.3l/100km. The D3 will be available in All-Wheel Drive as well in selected regions. To go along with the many updates, a new exterior colour called Maple Brown has been introduced for the updated S90 and the V90.

Production for the updated models begin in mid-November so expect to see one of these cars on the roads by next year.



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