September 14, 2016 @ 01:51 PM

Check out that price drop!

The T6 engine in the S60 has now been awarded EEV status. With that status comes that massive drop in price!

Volvo’s S60 T6 is now an EEV! When the S60 was facelifted awhile back, Volvo also saw fit to install a new Drive-E powertrain to power the car. The S60 with its T6 engine completes the century sprint in just 5.9 seconds thanks to the super and turbocharged mated to the engine.

With and output of 306bhp at 5600rpm and a maximum torque of 400Nm between 2100 to 4800rpm, managed by an eight-speed automatic transmission, the ability to hit the century in that time frame is not surprising. The gearbox is also equipped with two overdrive gears that helps conserves fuel when cruising at constant speed.

Super and turbo charged and the overdrive gears, the S60’s fuel consumption is rated at 6.7-litre/100km. It’s no wonder that the car is now certified as an EEV even though it has a colossal power output.

With the EEV certification, the S60’s price has now dropped to RM238,888 from the previous price of RM280,888. That’s close to a RM50,000 price difference. Always wanted a Volvo? Here’s more reason to get the S60!

Jerrica Leong 

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