July 20, 2016 @ 05:25 PM

Rolls Royce steps into a new era

The epitome of luxury car makers has set their sights on a whole new set of customers. Behold the Rolls Royce Dawn

Rolls Royce is well and truly determined to dip their toes into the younger market of trendy executives and style icons. First they released the very stylish Wraith and now here comes the Dawn. Introduced last year worldwide, the Dawn was only brought into the Asian region at the Bangkok Motor Show earlier this year in March.

Just a few months after the grand launch, the Dawn is here in Malaysia and ready to sell at an estimated price of RM4 million. So soon Malaysia might be graced with the presence of this magnificent drophead that is unmistakeable as a Rolls Royce. 

The Dawn maintains the timeless Rolls Royce design principles like the 2:1 wheel height to body height, long bonnet, short front overhang, a long rear overhang, an elegant tapering rear graphic and a high shoulder line. The same signature headlights that you can find on the Phantom are on the Dawn but the grilles have been redesigned to give off a more youthful vibe.

New wheels with a choice of 21, 20 and 19-inch sizes are the focus of the Dawn when viewed from the side profile. The rear end is designed to echo the elegant design of early “boat-tail” Rolls Royce drophead coupes and the motor launches of the early 20th Century that inspired them.

Rolls Royce calls the folding of the soft top roof on the Dawn the “Silent Ballet”. The Dawn’s roof delivers the silence of a Wraith and operates at a cruising speed of up to 50kph. It takes just 22 seconds for the fabric roof to fold itself into the boot and it is specifically engineered to be silent to make the Dawn the quietest convertible car in the world.

The Dawn might be a two door drophead but Rolls Royce has made sure to give the car plenty of space and entering convenience. The Rolls Royce’s unique coach doors have been reengineered to fit in a drophead format. The car offers four individual cosseting seats that have been designed help emphasise the energetic, yet elegant intent and sense of purpose of the car. The seats are complemented by an intersecting full length centre console.

At the heart of the Dawn is a twin-turbo 6.6-litre V12 engine. The engine produces a total of 563bhp at 5250rpm and a torque rating of 780Nm at 1500rpm guaranteeing an exceptional driving experience. Rolls Royce even saw fit to enhance the experience with dynamic accelerator pedal mapping which will deliver up to 30 per cent increased response at medium throttle.

The V12 engine is mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission that will send that massive amount of power to the rear-wheels powering the Dawn to a century in just 4.9 seconds. With numbers like these, the true capability of the Dawn is will never be known as Rolls Royce has limited the top speed to 250kph.

Of course, the Dawn will not miss out on technology. Instead of a touchscreen, Rolls Royce has integrated the Spirit of Ecstasy Rotary Controller. The controller is also a touchpad allowing users to write characters by finger. There is also a one-touch call button located on the steering wheel allowing users to use simple voice commands to control functions like the car’s Satellite Navigation system.

As mentioned, Rolls Royce Motor Cars is still sorting out the sticky details like the price out with the relevant parties but you can now order your Rolls Royce Dawn at any of their showrooms and Bespoke them while you’re there. The Dawn will also be displayed at Bangsar Shopping Centre from 22nd to 24th July from 11am to 8pm. 

Jerrica Leong 

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