June 30, 2016 @ 02:22 PM

Recalls issued for Toyota Prius and Lexus CT200h

Airbag and fuel leak issue to be rectified in models manufactured between April 2009 to December 2013.

Following Toyota Motor Corporation’s filing of a recall for specific model years of Toyota and Lexus vehicles, UMW Toyota Motor Sdn. Bhd. has followed suit and issued two separate Special Service Campaigns for the Toyota Prius and Lexus CT200h sold by them in the Malaysian market.

The first recall is regarding the curtain shield airbag that affects more than 3,500 units of the Prius manufactured between April 2009 and April 2012 and about 1,700 units of the CT200h that rolled out of the factory between December 2010 and April 2012. However, this is unrelated to the Takata airbag scandal currently engulfing the automotive world.

For the first recall, the curtain shield airbags, located in the left and right roof rails, consist of a two chambers welded together with compressed gas in one and propellant in the other. In certain units, cracks have developed in the welds and risk the airbag partially deploying into the cabin and injuring occupants.

To rectify the issue, a retention bracket will be fitted on the inflators to prevent the inflator chambers from being ejected into the cabin. Depending on the work schedule at the time, the duration will be approximately 2-4 hours at the authorised service centre.

On the second recall, it concerns evaporative fuel emission control or the charcoal canister on around 6,000 units of Prius produced between April 2009 and November 2013 and roughly 3,000 units of CT200h made between December 2010 and December 2013.

Here, the matter involves the evaporative fuel emissions control unit (canister) mounted in the fuel tank that could develop cracks in the coating of the emissions channel due to improper shaping of portions of the channel. If that happens, fuel may leak from the cracks with a full tank of fuel.

Amending the situation will require a replacement of the fuel suction plate sub-assembly in the fuel tank and will consume 2-3 hours.

UMW Toyota Motor stresses that no other models are affected by the two issues. Owners of the two models manufactured within the specified timeframe will be notified and are requested to bring their cars to authorised Toyota or Lexus service centres to have the issues rectified with no charge on labour or parts.

If you are unsure of the status of your Prius or CT200h, you can contact the Toyota and Lexus hotline at 1-800-8-TOYOTA (869682) or 1800-8-LEXUS (53987). Alternatively, you can visit authorised Toyota or Lexus service centres for assistance.

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