July 22, 2016 @ 04:36 PM

​Perodua launches a car with a long tail and massive boot!

When the Axia came out, we tested it and called it the all Malaysian car, now it’s been knocked off its pedestal by the Bezza

Back in 2014, Perodua was proud to announce that they have a brand new car to offer the Malaysian market. It was designed by Malaysians for Malaysians, and when we tested the car, we were given the taste of just what they meant. Built in tissue holders, teh-tarik hooks all around, secure hooks for ladies’ bags and a GPS that is specially optimised for our country, the Axia was the epitome of all things Malaysian.

But now, Perodua is proud to introduce a brand new sedan, the Perodua Bezza, and it is ready to beat the Axia off its pedestal of being the “All Malaysian Car”. While the Axia is all about the interior, the Bezza’s upper body was fully designed by Malaysians with support of Perodua’s partner Daihatsu in Japan.

As you know there are five variants to pick and choose from, the Standard G that utilises the 1.0-litre engine with a choice of automatic and manual transmission, the Premium X with a 1.3-litre Dual VVT-i engine also with a choice of automatic and manual transmission and the top of the line Advance variant.

First the looks, the Bezza shares all the same signature design. The front grille resembles the Myvi strongly and a shape that replicates the Axia’s Standard variants. The rear is, although a little higher than it should look, is modern and stylish with tail-lights that we have never seen on a Perodua. 

It is the Bezza Advance that you want. The Advanced, priced at RM50,800, will come with all the safety features and technologies that gave the EEV sedan its five-star rating and a score of 15.38 points. While Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) is only available in the Bezza Advance variant, features like Traction Control and Brake Assist comes standard for all variants across the board.

The Bezza is even equipped with Hill Start Assist so you can change gears on a slope without fearing the car would roll backwards. There is also ABS and EBD in the Bezza and Perodua has even added speed sensing wiper that changes speed according to the vehicle’s acceleration to help improve the visibility when driving in the rain.

Perodua has taken their EEV aim to the next level with the Bezza. The 1.0-litre 1KR-VE engine has an eco-reading of 22.8km per litre for its manual transmission and 21.3km per litre with the automatic transmission. The 1.3-litre on the other hand rated a 21.7km/litre with the five-speed manual transmission and 22km/litres for the automatic transmission with eco driving. 

Further helping the eco numbers, Perodua has even added an Eco-Idle system. We know it as the Auto Start-Stop system that will automatically shut the engine down when the car is idle and restart upon release of the brake. 

Did you know that the 1.3-litre Advance variant also comes equipped with a multimedia mobile link device? You can connect your phone to the Bezza and access social media and entertainment features. There is also the Smart-Link feature where users can interface navigation applications such as Waze and Google Maps onto the touchscreen. 

Other than that, the Bezza is packed with modern technologies than even the Myvi! Owners can now open their boot via their remote controls, the surroundings are monitored by front, front corner and reverse sensors and there is even a reverse camera for parking.

Make a pick from six different colours, Sugar Brown and Ocean Blue is only available for the 1.3-litre variants while existing colours of Lava Red, Ebony Black, Glittering Silver and Solid Ivory White is available across the board. 

Already the Bezza has received more than 4028 orders within 5 days of its booking date. The 1.3-litre Advance variant was the one that found favour from the crowd making up 50 per cent of the bookings. The 1.3-litre Premium X variant follows with 35 per cent and the remaining 15 per cent is shared between the 1.0-litre AT/MT variants.

Jerrica Leong 

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