July 20, 2016 @ 02:54 PM

Volvo, Mazda and Ford pass up Paris Motor Show 2016, is this boycott?

Three massive voids will be made on this year’s Paris Motor Show as three major brands decide to give it a pass.

The Paris Motor Show might be facing a crisis as first Volvo, then Mazda and now Ford announces that they will be making a pass on the show. While all of these manufacturers have valid reasons to have made a pass, we can’t help but scratch our heads as Ford is not one of miss out an opportunity to show off their Ford GT at any shows.

Volvo’s absence from the Paris Motor Show was announced since the previous show in 2014. The Swede company stated that they will not be making an appearance in 2016 and will only focus on one major show per continent. This year, Volvo had already made an appearance in the 2016 Geneva Motor Show where they previewed the V40 facelift that features new “Thor Hammer” headlamps and the wagon version of the S90, the V90 Estate.

Mazda on the other hand claims that they will not be making an appearance at the Paris Motor Show as the brand feels that they don’t get enough visibility at the huge show. The motor show’s schedule also does not fit into the brand’s launch schedule for their upcoming models hence giving them more reason to pass up the opportunity.

Didn’t Mazda make headlines at the Beijing Motor Show this year where there were more brands to vie for attention? Given that they launched the CX-4 that put them on the radar and that was held in Asia, but the crowd in Europe are firm lovers of the Rotary engines so they would still flock to see the RX-Vision if Mazda displays the concept car in this part of Europe.

Ford was the final brand to have announced their decision that they will not be joining the Paris Motor Show this year. This is surprising considering how Ford would go the distance to put their new Ford GT on show at every opportunity and to further promote the love for the Mustang in Europe. Instead, the US manufactures will be holding a series of events organised on their own in major French cities and carrying out their own promotions. 

While there will still be close to 200 car makers preparing to showcase their best at the Paris Motor Show this year, the absence of these manufacturers will sorely stick out. Stay tuned to the launch of brand new cars like the Peugeot 3008 and the restyled Renault Clio come October 1st to 16th.

Jerrica Leong 

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