October 18, 2016 @ 02:54 PM

​Bulk up your Navara with IRONMAN

Ironman 4x4 accessories now available for Navara pickup trucks at selected Tan Chong Ekspres Auto Service Sdn Bhd (TCEAS).

If you're not an off-road enthusiast, you probably would not have heard of Ironman 4x4. Widely regarded as the best in the business, Ironman 4x4 is a Melbourne based suspension manufacturer that specialise in 4x4 accessories and have been exclusively distributed in Malaysia under Rustcare Sdn Bhd. 

Partnering up with their parent company, Tan Chong Motor Holdings Berhad, Rustcare expands their reach by making their products available at 38 Tan Chong Ekspres Auto Service centres. Available for the current Navara model and its predecessor, customers can choose from four different packages that start at RM5000 and go up to RM17,000. Other Ironman 4x4 accessories are available too upon request. Noteworthy mention, if you want the full works with the Challenger Pack, you can only find it at 12 selected service centres. 

Other than seriously bulking up the looks of your Navara pickup truck, the Ironman kit gives you some serious off road bragging rights. Enhanced coils and shock absorbers boost the car's ride and drive. You'd be the safest in a crash too, thanks to the bull bars and rear protection tow bar. 

Pity the fool who dares block your way. For whatever the purpose you purchase the off road package, be it to tackle terrains or to stand out at a car park, the Ironman 4x4 should do the job. The Ironman suspensions come with three year or 60,000km warranty while the other accessories make do with one year warranty.

Senior General Manager of After Sales, Spare Parts & Workshop, TCEAS, Mr. Michael Yao is confident that Nissan customers will be satisfied with the after-sales services provided by TCEAS. The Nissan Glenmarie 4S Centre serves as an all round service centre to Nissan and all Infiniti models with a special Service Hub and Lounge for their customers. 

TCEAS is also proud to announce that the Nissan Glenmarie 4S houses Malaysia's first SUPAGARD dealership. You could say it's like a hotel where cars get pampered with paint and fabric protection.

If this news has piqued your interest for the off road kit, this is your chance to get it at a lower price. To celebrate their latest collaboration, TCEAS is giving discounts on the packages inclusive of labour cost. 


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