November 07, 2016 @ 01:44 PM

Its Bonus season at Mitsubishi!

Mitsubishi is offering up to RM10,000 bonus for selected Mitsubishi models in their Year-End Super Bonus campaign.

2016 is coming to a close end and most car makers are starting to offer up attractive rebates and bonuses to boost sales before the year ends. Mitsubishi are no exception. Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia (MMM) have lined up cash bonuses for selected models and here is the break down. 

The ASX compact SUV gets RM10,000 together with 5 years warranty with unlimited mileage. Recently launched, the Outlander SUV is offered with a RM4000 bonus and 2-Years free maintenance. Beefier off road lovers who opt for the Pajero Sport VGT can enjoy RM5000 off the standard price of RM179,716.92. 

If a Pick-up is more to your preference, all six variants of the Triton get a different cash bonus as shown below. These prices ought to tip the pick-up truck market in towards the Triple Diamond brand. 

Triton VGT Adventure X - RM2000 - RM125,005
Triton VGT Adventure - RM4000 - RM118,198
Triton VGT AT - RM8000 - RM109,446
Triton VGT MT - RM4000 - RM102,619
Triton MT - RM9000 - RM88,997
Triton Quest - RM6000 - RM73,438

MMM saved the biggest bonus for their eco-sedan, the Attrage. You can get an eye watering RM12,000 bonus for the Attrage GS! If that doesn't turn heads towards the little sedan, I don't know what will. The Attrage GL also enjoys a RM8500 bonus. Both these sedans are priced around RM75,000 and these bonuses will certainly make them even more irresistible. 

Existing Mitsubishi owners get some treats as well. From 1-30th November 2016, you can enjoy discounts of up to 20 per cent for service additives such as antibacterial air freshener, engine oil treatment, engine flush, fuel system cleaner, diesel fuel system cleaner and evaporator cleaner.

Mitsubishi's Year-End Super Bonus lasts till New Years Eve 2016. This is your chance to put a brand new Mitsubishi on your drive way, so don't miss it! 


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