November 21, 2016 @ 12:32 PM

Triton survives Trial by Borneo Safari

Mitsubishi Triton emerged successfully from the Borneo Safari 2016 without any difficulties.

Headed by Malaysian Motorsport Athlete, Leona Chin, the convoy of Tritons suffered no mechanical failures or breakdowns whatsoever. This year's Borneo Safari Challenge, deemed the toughest one yet, proved just how capable and robust the Mitsubishi pick-up trucks are off-road. 

“As the only female driver of Team Mitsubishi Triton, I was extremely proud to be entrusted by Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia, to champion the new Triton into the most gruelling off-road and 4x4 adventure! The new Triton managed to complete the Borneo Safari in one piece without any mechanical failure or breakdown. This itself is a testament to the strength, durability and endurance of the Mitsubishi Triton,” said Leona Chin.

The Tritons were completely standard with no modifications apart from compulsory extreme GITI tyres, suspensions, a winch and a snorkel. While many of the other participants struggled with mechanical failures and overturns, the Triple Diamond cars soldiered on through the narrow trails.

The Triton drivers also braved the struggles of the Borneo Safari having slept in their vehicles from exhaustion while covered in mud and grime. A true test for an off-road enthusiast. Progress was slow at just 1.7km from the start line in half a day due to the hazardous conditions. At the end however, the Mitsubishi convoy crossed the finish line with mere cosmetic battle scars. 

The Triton's success in the Borneo Safari is timely with the recent launch of its new aluminium block 2.4-litre MIVEC Turbo Diesel powered range. Head down to your nearest Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia Showroom to book the rugged off-roader now!



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