November 14, 2016 @ 10:48 AM

MINI Malaysia invades the Southern Region with MINIscape 2016

Over 700km, 171 customers, 82 vehicles, two days, one purpose – to discover the Passion of MINI

Gathering 171 customers over a two-day passion-driven journey that takes them from the country’s capital down to Johor Bahru, the recent MINIscape 2016 was MINI Malaysia’s bid in treating their customers through their own unique way. The fleet of 82 MINI vehicles started their journey from The Garage KL with a series of gripping driving experience sessions along the trip.

Of course, the whole experience was not just about the driving as MINI Malaysia also treated the customers’ taste buds, starting from a gastronomic detour to Halia Inc, a restaurant that specialises in serving local Malacca cuisines by the Malacca River.

The massive convoy of MINI vehicles then continued their journey down south for their weekend escape to Johor Bahru where the highlight of the trip brought them on a private yacht party at Danga Bay, Johor. The participants were then welcomed by a sumptuous banquet and also some live performances by music band Bonjoza and stand-up comedian Rizal Van Geyzel, before calling it a day and spending the night at the Renaissance Hotel Johor Bahru.

Over the two-day trip, the massive fleet of thrill seekers were escorted by a range of impressive MINI cars such as the MIIN Cooper S Countryman, the MINI Cooper S Clubman, the MINI Cooper S 5 Door, and the MINI Cooper S 3 Door.

“MINIscape 2016 was the perfect opportunity for our customers to experience the passion of the MINI brand. We believe that over the course of two days getting behind the wheel of the MINI, sharing the driving purpose and commitment of the MINIscape program not only brought family and friends closer but also enabled us to share the values and the DNA of the brand – Maximise the Experience, Focus on the Esssentials,” said Mr. Han Sang Yun, Managing Director and CEO of BMW Group Malaysia.

Hussein Zain


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