November 07, 2016 @ 06:46 PM

Mercedes Benz Malaysia’s PR Programme bags Bronze Award

“Going Beyond Boundaries” takes the Bronze award in recent 2015/2016 Malaysia PR Awards Corporate Branding category.

Centriq PR Sdn Bhd, Mercedes Benz Malaysia’s PR Consultant added another feather to their cap as they took home the Bronze award at the 2015/2016 Malaysia PR Awards in the Corporate Branding category. The group’s submission was titled “Going Beyond Boundaries” which is Mercedes Benz Malaysia’s corporate public relations programme.

Jumping on the band wagon of praise for Centriq PR was Mercedes-Benz Malaysia President and CEO, Dr Claus Weidner: ““We recognise the value of public relations. This campaign was part of our strategy to raise awareness about Mercedes-Benz Malaysia’s commitment to the Malaysian market and leadership in the premium segment, be it through products or customer experience excellence. The campaign has certainly proven successful, and this award is an added bonus. It is even more meaningful as Mercedes-Benz celebrates our 130! Years of Innovation this year. I congratulate the team, and thank them for their dedication and enthusiasm”.

Meanwhile, also joining the praise bandwagon is Centriq PR managing director, Jacqueline Arnold, who said “Public relations programmes are only successful when supported by the C-level, and we have that from Mercedes-Benz Malaysia. These awards are the result of teamwork; of consultancy and client working together seamlessly as one unit, coupled with the best chemistry.” “I am so happy for the team. We are privileged to have clients who value the strategic function of public relations and to have good working relationships with them all. The team works so hard and enjoys what they do. They truly deserve the recognition. These awards definitely motivate us to do even better. We love our clients and will continue doing our best for them,”

The Malaysia PR Awards is organised by the Public Relations Consultants’ Association of Malaysia (PRCA Malaysia), an organisation that recognises successful campaigns by PR Consultancies and organisations as well as cutting edge individuals in the PR arena on top of being an organisation dedicated to fostering excellence in PR. 

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